On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what's on our radar! 

• Booo. Stephen Colbert's staff is disappointingly all white, with only two female writers. [The Atlantic]

Vanessa Williams was offered an apology from the chief executive of Miss America thirty years after she was forced to give back her crown. {Washington Post]

• Julieanne Moore, Cate Blanchette, Ellen Page and others talk sexism in Hollywood. [New York Times]

• A Latina woman in Texas was arrested in the exam room after she used a fake ID. [RH Reality Check]

• Matt Damon made a real ass out of himself whitemansplaining race and diversity on the Green Light Project. [Jezebel] 

• Anita Sarkeesian released a new Tropes vs. Women video about how brands capitalize on sexism when it comes to video games' downloadable content. [The Mary Sue]

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by Kjerstin Johnson
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Kjerstin Johnson is a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon. She is the former editor in chief of Bitch. She tweets at @kajerstin

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