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On Our Radar: August 9th

#POCMedalWatch: keeping track of all the U.S. Olympians of color who have won medals. [Colorlines]

• On Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, and the dehumanization of Native women. [The Establishment]

National treasure Leslie Jones’s love for the Olympics got her an invite to do Olympics coverage in Rio! [Blavity]

#JustSaySorry is calling on students and alumni to post on social media that they will withhold donations until their alma maters “issue an acknowledgment and apology to students who feel or have felt less valued and less safe because of the way they’ve responded to campus sexual assault.” [Rewire]

• Don’t know where to register to vote? Now you can do it at a Planned Parenthood! [The Cut]

• What lies ahead for London’s Feminist Library? [Ms.]

• The new campaign “It’s Not Justice” helps folks share their experience of reporting rape or sexual assault to the police and/or courts. The campaign is open for submissions from all genders, from anywhere in the world!

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• Street harassment is nothing new, but Pokémon GO creates a new avenue for harassing people in public.

Diaspoura is a radical South Asian queer femme musician.

• In Suicide Squad, the two supervillains are written as an oddball couple. But even in a movie all about violence, it’s clear that the Joker is clearly emotionally and physically abusive. 

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