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On Our Radar: August 23rd

Beyoncé has released behind-the-scenes photos from Lemonade, let us bask in their glory. [Refinery 29]

A bill that would remove the time limit on prosecuting rape cases in California passed the assembly unanimously; it will now move on to the Senate where it has pretty good chances of also passing. [The Cut]

• As long as this keeps happening, we’ll keep calling it out: Another star high school athlete accused of sexual assault was given probation rather than prison time. [Fusion]

• This project to create an illustrated book and poster of the women who won gold medals at the Rio Olympics is so cool.

• Why a federal judge in Texas blocked the Obama administration’s guidelines on trans students. [The Atlantic]

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

Law Holt is a British artist whose debut album explores the loneliness of city life.

• Schumer can hang out with Metzger on her own time, but if we want to watch her show without abetting rape culture, Schumer needs to provide us with a show that doesn’t have Kurt Metzger in it.

• With an excellent cast and excellent creative talent behind the scenes, I Love Dick seems like it’s headed for success, regardless of how closely (or not) it resembles its original inspiration.

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