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On Our Radar: August 24th

How much Tegan and Sara is too much Tegan and Sara? Is there an answer to this question? [Autostraddle]

• Four months after white women closed their wage gap, yesterday was Black Women’s Equal Pay Day. [Mic]

• Santigold + Kara Walker = “a shadow-puppet-driven, multicolor dance video!” [The Cut]

Nine hours and three emergency rooms for a rape kit is totally infuriating. [Cosmopolitan]

• Seems like Stanford agrees with Brock Turner that “party culture” is to blame for campus sexual assault. The university has banned hard alcohol on campus. [The Atlantic]

• Amazing: Gossip as an act of resistance. [Feministing]

• Etsy suspended a jewelry shop that sold tampon charm bracelets and gleaming bloodstain brooches because they’re “inappropriate.” [The Establishment]

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• Ezra Furman thinks deeply about feelings, feminism, and saxophone riffs.

Threadbare is an ambitious, eye-opening, muckraking investigation into the “fast fashion” industry.

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