On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Federal prisons are preparing to release 6,000 people who have nonviolent drug offenses, one of the largest one-time discharges in American history. This is part of Obama's plans to decrease the prison population. [NY Times] 

• Three different state senators have introduced their own bills legislating men’s sexual healthcare, shining a spotlight on the double standard of the Republicans’ mission to restrict healthcare for millions of women. [Daily Kos]

In this profile of Nicki Minaj, she explains, “I can’t stop working, because it’s bigger than work to me. It’s having a purpose outside any man.” [New York Times] 

• Listen to this new radio series #15Girls, which highlights violence against young girls in El Salvador. [NPR]

• Autostraddle answered some of your questions about being queer and getting an IUD. [Autostraddle]

• The App Store is full of apps that remind you to take your birth control and even track your fertility, but are they the answer in fixing the problem of birth control accessibility? [RH Reality Check]

• Poet and activist Staceyann Chin stages “living room protests” with her daughter Zuri. Their latest talks about why they stand with Planned Parenthood. [YouTube]

Lauren Mayberry of the band CHVRCHES totally called out a guy in the audience at one of her shows who shouted, “Marry me! Now!” She replied, in part, “I’m very grumpy, and I don’t want that shit.”

by Grace Manger
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Grace Manger is Bitch’s New Media intern and a recent graduate of Kalamazoo College. She likes writing letters, trampolines, the Internet, and fractals. Follow her on Twitter @gracemanger.

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