On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

• The Civil Rights Movement is far from over—it has just changed platforms. With the rise of social media, activists have had an easier time getting their messages out, but they’ve also faced incredible harassment. [Wired]

• And a related story from Wired: Six experts weigh in on how social networks can fight harassment. [Wired] 

• The #DoIMatterNow campaign is connecting two marginalized groups in Canada: Indigenous people and Muslim women. [Colorlines]

• Reproductive rights advocates are working to pass the EACH Woman Act, which would restore federal coverage of abortion for low-income women. [All Above All] 

• Climate change deniers are losing power fast, but will it be enough to stop the world-changing damage? [The New Republic]

• The NCAA has an “economy of misogyny,” writes Dave Zirin. Schools use sex as a recruitment strategy for male athletes, treating college women as objects for their entertainment. And a few people are getting very rich doing it. [The Nation]

• The MTA may not allow Thinx to advertise their “underwear for people with periods” because having periods is obscene. [Feministing]

by Kirstin Kelley
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