On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's the news on my radar today.

Climate change has affected California's drought, experts say, where it has a big impact on low-income communities of color. [NY Times & Center for American Progress]

• In related news: Indigenous groups are holding their ground in Canada through direct action in their efforts to prevent pipeline development from polluting their native lands. [Al Jazeera America]

 Nine people were arrested in St. Louis as 150 activists gathered on Wednesday to protest the police shooting of another Black teen. [USA Today]

• Eighteen writers discuss their views on literary activism, bending and shifting ivory tower perceptions of language and literature. [Poetry Foundation]

• The era of Reconstruction has established a racialized view of wealth distribution in the United States. Read more about how elites used racist appeals to silence calls for redistribution and its spillover into the present. [Jacobin] 

• #BBHMM was my video of 2015, which is why I implore you to tune in to Sanam by following her beauty tips on Refinery29, and reading her Colorlines interview where she discusses why “cultural appropriation is incredibly f***ing disgusting.” [Refinery29 & Colorlines]

“Flight of the Ruler” is Gabrielle Bellot's personal essay on the complicated reality of of coming out as a Caribbean trans woman who's living in exile. [Guernica Mag]

• Recommended listening: new visceral and experimental footwork music by artist Jlin. Tune in to her new LP “Dark Energy.” [Dazed]


by Catherine Gonzalez
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