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Pop culture moves at the speed of lightning. Each week, there are dozens of books being released, memes to keep track of, music to stream, and TV shows to catch up on. To cut through this static and highlight what’s worth your time, Bitch is offering this weekly roundup full of our pop culture obsessions.

1. Antibirth

I watched the blink-and-you-missed-it 2016 indie horror movie Antibirth the other night, knowing almost nothing about it but figuring that a film about a mysterious pregnancy—and with a cast featuring Natasha Lyonne, Chloe Sevigny, and Meg Tilly—had to be worth a shot. And it was: Kind of a cross between Rosemary’s Baby and Stranger Things, with Lyonne and Sevigny as small-town burnouts and Tilly filling the role of the unreliable witness, Antibirth is a roiling bad trip of body horror spiked with the blackest of humor.—Andi Zeisler, cofounder

2. Fake Mike Pence website

Mike Pence

Official Mike Pence

This fake Mike Pence for president website had all of us at Bitch HQ laughing and reading quotes aloud. There are many, many good jokes to choose from, but this one is my favorite: A former U.S. congressman and governor for the state of Indiana, president Mike Pence is proud to serve the white and Christian population of America for more than two decades.—Dahlia Grossman-Heinze, senior engagement editor

3. The Defiant Ones

For the last few weeks, I’ve been piecing my way through The Defiant Ones, HBO’s documentary on Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, and the rise of of Interscope and Death Row Records. I’m usually pretty hesitant to sit through hours of storytelling that highlights just how male-centric the music industry is, but that’s an important reminder, too—and the records that Dre and Iovine produced defined so much of the ’90s that I can’t help but lean in close to the soundtrack of my youth.—Kate Lesniak, publisher

4. New People by Danzy Senna

New People by Danzy Senna

Riverhead Books

I’m late to the party on Danzy Senna, but I just read and loved New People. It’s a novel I couldn’t put down, and I didn’t want to end. And it was quite an ending. Immediately, after I was done I started reading about Jonestown, which serves as a backdrop in the book, as the main character writes her dissertation on the topic. So many of the details were new to me and I just wanted to learn more. Luckily, I have a lot more Senna to look forward to. I can’t wait to start reading Senna’s first novel, Caucasia and I also found a copy of Where Did You Sleep Last Night: A Personal History.—Julie Falk, executive director



5. Aaliyah for MAC Cosmetics

The other side of 35 has been like waking up to the alluring magic of makeup for the first time. It was before YouTube tutorials, and more reserved for formal events like weddings, but I generally used makeup with lukewarm interest. Now, I am fidgeting with beauty products with less worry if that makes me less feminist and more conviction that I can invest in it when I want to because I want to and because, damn, I like the way this eyeliner looks. What I’m really digging and also intrigued by is the whole new MAC line of makeup. Fan-requested, MAC has created lines for Selena and Aaliyah, both powerful women of color who changed the face of R&B and Latin/Latin crossover music forever. But the feminist inquiry won’t die. As I apply my eyeliner, I wonder about MAC “honing” in on #BlackGirlMagic, which also showcases Taraji P. Henson and Nicki Minaj. How much of this is about profiting off the lives, labor, and legends of these inimitable women of color? Because makeup and feminism can go hand in hand.—Lisa Factora-Borchers, editorial director

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