What just happened?“Such a nasty woman.”

Our Take: The final U.S. presidential debate

Did that feel like déjà vu to anyone else? We had the Democratic candidate, poised and smiling and answering the moderator’s questions with detail and specificity. And next to her, the Republican candidate, who sniffed, huffed, interrupted, complained to the moderator, and talked under his breath.

Oh, and lied. About, well, everything. He answered a question about the future of Roe v. Wade with an appeal to stop “partial-birth abortions” because babies are “rip[ped]” from their mothers’ wombs. (Are you sure you’re not thinking of childbirth, Donald?) When asked about the violence at his campaign rallies, he blamed—get this—Hillary Clinton. When asked about his treatment of and predatory behavior toward women, he denied everything, and once again asserted that “No one respects women more than me.” (The audience chuckled audibly, for the record.)

But if the debate was a rerun that was as maddening as it was predictable, there’s one undeniable outcome: A critical mass of women voters is crucial to this election, and increasingly, they’re not here for the grabby, shockingly disrespectful clown who wrapped things up by calling his debate partner a “nasty woman.” (Um, that’s Democratic Nominee Clinton if you’re nasty.) Hillary Clinton addressed this critical mass when she said, of Trump: “Donald thinks that belittling women makes him powerful. He goes after their dignity, their self-worth. I think every woman alive knows what that feels like.”

We do. And we’re ready for November 8. 

Media Roundup

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  Le Tigre reunited for a pro-Clinton song! [Vulture] 

  Trump’s denials represent not only what abusers repeatedly say; they represent rhetoric that we too often begin to believe ourselves. [Feministing] 

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  Cognitive sociology can help explain why people vote for different politicians. [The Society Pages]

  Clinton took a new approach last night—Trump’s. [The New York Times]

What you can do so far

Register to vote! Depending on where you live, there could still be time to register to vote. 

If you’re in New York, you can see Michael Moore in Trumpland.

If you missed the debate (or want to watch any of its horrors again), you’re in luck!

Check out these proactive ways to deal with Trump

Take care of yourself! Self-care in the time of Trump is important. 

Volunteer to be a poll worker and hand out those great “I Voted” stickers, along with other important duties. 

Become an Election Protection volunteer to make sure voters are fully informed about where and when to cast their ballots.

Talk about the election and the isues with your friends and family—and make sure they’re registered to vote!

What should Bitch do?

Is there an aspect of the election you think we should be covering? Let us know!

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Nasty Women

I'm proud to self-identify as a "nasty woman" and encourage more of us to reject Trump's attempt to dismiss Hillary by claiming the term as a badge of honor. "Nasty women" fought for and won our rights to vote, to work, and to control our bodies - our destinies. To hell with him.

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