Revenge Is HereA Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Redesigned Bitch Magazine

While most media outlets that are dependent on advertising revenue are pivoting to video to appease Facebook (and we don’t blame them—it’s rough out there in the media world!) we’re doing something a little different: pivoting back to print. The jury is out on whether or not you can “pivot” to something that you’re already doing, but let’s just leave that philosophical question right there—shall we?—and focus on the important stuff.

Media as we know it, and the way that it’s consumed, is rapidly transforming in unpredictable ways. Sure, the internet turned traditional media on its head, streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go loosened the big networks of their stranglehold on America’s primetime viewing hours, and YouTube made it possible for just about anyone to become someone for the day (or a trip, as in major douchebag Logan Paul’s case.) But what we’re seeing now, while Facebook delivers more babies and puppies than we ever knew a single algorithm could produce, is publishers scrambling for answers as to how we can reach those who need our media the most with the news, analysis, and witty comments that matter the most. For nearly a decade, Facebook controlled not just what you read, but who delivered it. And now? No one knows where you’ll turn for your daily media dose. 

But there’s always been a place to turn for those answers: When we think of revolution and resistance throughout history, we always come back to print. And we hope that, when you think about editorial independence, and incisive, nuanced feminist perspectives, you always come back to Bitch

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