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On July 5, we published this article by Charles Clymer critiquing a Senate bill that would require women to register for the draft.

On July 15, after readers brought to our attention the author’s history of lashing out against feminist critics, we decided to unpublish this article. This is an extremely rare and significant decision for Bitch—we pride ourselves on standing behind our writers, even when they have controversial opinions or are imperfect feminists. In this case, Charles Clymer’s documented behavior was clearly unacceptable. A big part of our mission at Bitch is to support and promote writers who don’t get a voice elsewhere—keeping this article up on our site would help build a platform for Clymer, which is why we’re taking it down.

The editors who approved this article were not aware of Clymer’s problematic actions. If we had known about this behavior, we would not have published this article. We apologize for not having this history on our radar and want to extend a thank you to the readers who pointed us to articles on Clymer’s actions. If anyone would like to know more, you can read several feminist responses to Clymer’s work here, here, and here.

— Sarah Mirk, Online Editor,  


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How can you claim that

How can you claim that extending the draft to women is a feminist notion? While you're correct in pointing out the devastating reality that sexual assault is not taken seriously in the military, re-instating the draft for men and extending the draft to women and all genders is simply anti-feminist. You say it yourself, "I would never ask for men to be coerced into serving," "coerced" being the key word. How is forcing someone, anyone, to do something against their will, let alone fight in this war that is older than I am, that has no end in sight, and that has some of the worst fighting conditions compared to any previous war, feminist ideals? It's not. All U.S. conscription, the draft and Selective Service, has been instituted and enforced by men because at the time of the draft's inception women weren't allowed near government policy. What you're missing is that the draft is a direct effect of toxic masculinity, suggesting that "men" must participate in this inherently masculine institution and consume the "manly" ideals of patriotism. If you wanted to instill true feminist values into the military then you would fight to ban the draft for all genders. Because the concept of coercion as dutiful is a staple example of the ingrained toxic values that the military instills in its members, which is probably why the military has an issue with sexual assault in the first place.

Isn't this the same as saying

Isn't this the same as saying.

"We shouldn't keep putting men in prison, while there is a rape epiddemic in prison?"

Or subsequently.

"We shouldn't let women go to university b/c there is a rape epidemic."

and I guess the logical conclusion would be. If there is a rape culture in society wouldn't it be cruel to let women be exposed to it."

all a bunch of crap.......

Sexual assault is rampant, period


Should women go to college? Not when sexual assault on college campuses is rampant. (?)

Sexual assault is rampant, we need to address it at all levels. Toxic masculinity effects the military, and everywhere.


It hurts my heart to see a

It hurts my heart to see a publication I have long respected give this faux-feminist any sort of recognition. Charles Clymer has a history of being dismissive of opinions that are not his, of speaking for - and over - women of colour, harrassment, abuse, and so on. A quick Google search will tell you all you need to know about what kind of a person they really are. Please reconsider your decision to publish anything by them now or in the future.

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