“Sirena” Empowers Cholas To Create Community

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Mix one shot of organic friendship, one dozen mad rhymes, and a pound of unapologetic lipstick badassery, and you have one single serving of Magdalena 3 Vidas’s Mexican, old-school, g-funk-glazed, hip hop femme bite. For maximum effect, set to repeat.

Tired of navigating the hypermasculine, dude-dominated, and politically charged hip hop scene of Mexico City, two best friends—who also put together regular scratching parties in the city and often participated in rhyme battles—cofounded a collective with all of their MC and DJ friends and conjured up a space of their own. The result is Sirena: seven tracks of pure euphoria, best enjoyed while biking around the graffitied streets of your hood of choice, and perfect to enhance your mood on a beach date. 

“Menos política, más metanfetamina,” the catchiest (and most evocative) phrase in the whole album, makes a clear statement of what Nicole and Priscila, the women behind M3V, are about. The EP, paid for entirely out of the artists’ pockets and released by their collective’s own Lucky Bastard digital label, is intended to be a lighter, party-centric, recreational groove. Sampled sororal anthems from Mexico City’s streets, reflections on love and infatuation, heightened sensations, and daydreaming of a life with more success and less street harassment are the main subjects of this well-crafted pack of soft jams dubbed rap rosa (pink rap) in Mexico.

Without a doubt, this album was made by and for the cholas in M3V’s community; especially for those who may identify with a weeping Magdalena—a common female name in their mostly Catholic country—and for any survivors who think of themselves as cats with tres or more lives, living in a land polluted by misogyny and femicide. Inspired by the women who led and later transcended the ’90s grunge and punk era, Magdalena 3 Vidas is a duo that aims to represent another face of female-led, DIY production. Here’s hoping their work encourages a new generation of beatmakers, MCs, DJs, and chicas who jump fearlessly onto a stage


Music ReviewsSirena
Magdalena 3 Vidas
{ Lucky Bastard }
Released: May 6, 2016

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This article was published in Chaos Issue #73 | Winter 2017
by Anhelo Escalante
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