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Anyone who steps up to support Bitch today with a subscription, a new membership, or a one-time donation will be entered to win one of our completely sold-out limited-edition Outsmart the Patriarchy! t-shirts.

7 days. $12,969. 447 readers.

That's my count. And I know—it's really blunt.

But as the person responsible for making sure that each and every one of our programs is fully funded this year, that's my only focus until midnight on September 30.

Hundreds of articles published online, four tremendous issues of Bitch magazine, 52 insightful, and often funny podcast episodes, and dozens of campuses visited by Bitch speakers.

That's what this campaign to raise $40,000 by September 30 is all about.

The amazing—and amazingly frightening—part, is that whether or not we reach this goal is entirely up to you, me, and a few hundred of our Bitch community members.

So what do you say? Will you step up in one of three quick, easy, and secure ways right now?

1. Subscribe to our award-winning magazine for 20 percent off. It's a big discount on Bitch—lock in savings with a multi-year order. Renewals count too!

2. Make a one-time donation of $25. Or whatever you're able to give. It's tax-deductible!

3. Become a member at Bitch. You get Bitch magazine in print and digital in return plus a snazzy sticker, possibly a tote bag. Maybe even a mug or two.

I know we can reach this goal, but not unless today, instead of just moving along with your Thursday, you decide to pitch in.

It takes guts to call yourself a feminist. It takes heart to support the feminist media that you love.

Let's do this together. Don't hesitate for another second: Subscribe to Bitch today and help us reach our goal!

And thanks. Bitch wouldn't be here without people like you!

- Kate

Kate Lesniak, Development Director

Kate Lesniak is the publisher at Bitch Media.

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