5 Midterm Victory Speeches from Leaders We're so Ready For

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finds out that she won her primary (Photo credit: Spectrum News)

The votes are still being counted, but last night, more than 100 women were elected to Congress. Maybe the 2018 midterms weren’t as big of a blue wave as many had hoped, but these victory speeches capture the energy and excitement sweeping the country—and serve as a teaser for what’s to come from these five newly elected champions.


1. Sharice Davids, representative from Kansas’s third congressional district

Democrat Sharice Davids wins Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District

Davids is a “former” first-generation college student (her mom went back to school and earned a degree in 2016), a mixed-martial-arts professional, and attended Cornell Law School. She’s also one of the first Native American women to be elected to Congress after winning Kansas’ third congressional district. Davids wants to create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, invest in wind-production infrastructure, and create a childcare tax credit.


2. Laura Kelly, governor of Kansas

Governor-elect Laura Kelly Victory Speech

Kelly is a four-term state senator who just became the governor of Kansas. She supports expanding Medicare, protecting reproductive rights, and reinstituting rights and protections for LGBTQ citizens.

3. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, representative from New York’s 14th congressional district

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'We Have To Keep Organizing, We Can Not Stop' | NBC News

Winning New York’s 14th congressional district made Ocasio-Cortez the youngest person ever elected to Congress. She supports Medicare for All, gun control, abolishing ICE, and fighting climate change.

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4. Ilhan Omar, representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district

Ilhan Omar’s victory speech Nov 06 2018

In 2016, Omar was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives, making her the first Somali American legislator to hold an office in the United States, but she wasn’t done there. Last night, Omar won Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, becoming one of the first Muslim women and the first Somali American elected to Congress. Omar supports tuition-free public education, Medicare for All, and raising the national minimum wage.


5. Ayanna Pressley, representative from Massachusetts’s 7th congressional district

Midterm Elections: Ayanna Pressley gives impassioned victory speech after winning House seat

When Pressley was elected to the Boston City Council in 2009, it was the first time a woman of color had ever been elected in the Council’s 100-year history. Now, she’s the first Black woman elected to Congress from Massachusetts. Pressley supports Medicare for All, cutting funding for ICE, passing a clean DREAM Act, and paid leave policies.

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