We Interrupt Your Election Anxiety For This Important AnnouncementWe Made A Video About Our Podcast

Popaganda and Backtalk listeners are some of the most vocal supporters of Bitch Media! Whenever folks who listen to our shows make a donation or start a new membership, or even subscribe to the magazine, they’ll often leave comments that totally warm our hearts and give us energy to keep on keeping on! We wanted to share just a few:

Sarah and Amy are the pod co-hosts of my dreams!

Thank you so much for BackTalk and Popaganda. You are music to my ears every week. Sending you love from Australia!

The Bitch podcasts, especially Backtalk, have drastically improved my life for the better. I just moved to Canada from Oregon and was feeling a little out of place and lonely and now I have Sarah and Amy, who are not only brilliant, but from Portland, to keep me company while I am in a new country.

I love Backtalk!!!!!!!!! You guys totally make my week with your on-point commentary. Even when the subject matter leaves us all feeling powerless, your approach helps us to remember that we are not alone. And I often find myself laughing out loud. Thanks so much for your great work.

I am making this donation on top of my monthly donations directly after listening to Popaganda episodes Backtalk: Bathroom Bills and Jian Ghomeshi and Writing About Race. I love Popaganda, and Bitch, and am so excited that you all are having the conversations you are having and articulating your thoughts the way you are.

Clearly, Sarah and Amy’s feminist insights, fun dynamic, and knack for bringing our community into often difficult conversations through Backtalk and Popaganda is something that’s super special. So we decided to take it one step further and document their candid commentary with this little video. We love watching it, and we hope you will too. Also, we made up a game: Feel free to play along!

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