“We Were Feminists Once” Available Now!

Bitch Media cofounder and editorial/creative director Andi Zeisler's new book, We Were Feminists Once: From Riot Grrrl to CoverGirl®, the Buying and Selling of a Political Movement is available now, and it's already flying off of the shelves! It's currently the #1 feminist theory AND gender studies new release on Amazon, and is available anywhere you buy books!

If you've noticed major corporations, mainstream media, and celebrity culture appropriating feminism's message of empowering women to sell products, ideas, and images to smart, socially aware consumers, you're not alone. This witty and fearless new title takes on the co-optation of feminism—and if you've ever met Andi or attended a lecture or workshop, her wit will speak to you on every page. Get your signed copy at BitchMart today!

Here's what's being said about We Were Feminists Once:

“This is a fun, funny, deeply learned book that is too clever to come to a simple conclusion.” –New York Times 

“Spirited, witty, and ferociously incisive.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Zeisler’s book is a call to arms, asking us to return to a rigorous, systemic analysis.” —Flavorwire

“[Zeisler] aims to illuminate the route by which feminism arrived at its current state, to draw us all into the fight to make it better by showing us how we might have contributed to making it worse.” — Sarah Jaffe, The New Republic

“This thought-provoking yet sobering consideration of the current state of feminism emphasizes the need to continue to fight for full equality.” –Library Journal, Editors’ Spring Pick 2016

“Engaging, smart and provocative, We Were Feminists Once challenges us to take on the gap between glitzy media appropriations of feminism and the significant unfinished business of the women’s movement.” –Susan J. Douglas, award-winning author of Where the Girls Are and Enlightened Sexism

Want to weigh in? Review the book! In this day and age, Amazon book reviews are pretty crucial to the success of a book. Regardless of where you buy your copy of the book, make sure to fill out a customer review on Amazon! It'll help get the book onto even more reader's radars.




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