Who's Who: Behind-The-Scenes at Bitch Media

A Q&A with the awesome crew at Bitch Media that you may not be so familiar with: Finance and Administration Director Amanda Green, Director of Data and Operational Systems Korin Lykam, and Community Programs Coordinator Patricia Romero.

What is your role at Bitch Media?

PATRICIA ROMERO: My role is community programs coordinator. I handle a lot of the day-to-day operations, such as responding to email and handling shipments. I also support Bitch’s community programs, specifically Bitch on Campus, the Fellowships for Writers Program, and the volunteer program.

AMANDA GREEN: Formally, director of finance & administration. Although whenever I tell anyone I work at Bitch, they get super excited, and I’m like, “Wait, no! I do all the boring stuff.” (I mean, it’s not boring to me at all, but most people find accounting and HR rather dull).

KORIN LYKAM: As director of data and organizational systems, my main role is developing processes and systems for organizing and tracking information. A lot of organizations try to compound that role with administration and finance, and it seems unique to Bitch that we prioritized investing in technology and effective systems as opposed to putting it on the back burner. It’s actually been really incredible and I feel lucky to be a part of it.

We have check-in questions at the start of every all-staff meeting that usually end up going in pretty wacky directions. What is the most ridiculous or memorable one you can think of?

PR: There’s a food-related check-in question about every other week.

AG: My favorite question of all time is the never-ending hand sandwich question. You read that right. If one of your hands was to turn into a sandwich that was always there, that you could always have available to eat at any time, what would it be? The answers were so good.

KL: We were asked to share aspirational baking or cooking recipes that we could never get right. People shared things like fried mushrooms, red rice, and candy—and then we somehow ended up talking about how dog poop bags are unethical but purchasable in large quantities at Costco. It was hard to get back onto food after that.

What’s your favorite thing about the Bitch office?

PR: The frequent visits from coworkers’ dogs, of course! But really, the accessibility of how feminism is a topic that can be spoken about in the workplace.

AG: All the random stuff that has been collected over the years, especially the props used for old issue covers!

KL: Dogs. And there are a lot of plants and natural light near my desk. Also the people are exceptionally talented. I have never worked with a more intelligent, compassionate, or committed group. And the Bitch Media community is made up of the nicest, smartest, most encouraging supporters that have ever existed for any nonprofit anywhere. That is a fact.

What would you do if you won the lottery tomorrow?

PR: 1) Pay off my student loans. 2) Buy my dad and my brother a house. 3) Either travel or have a really big party (possibly both if it’s a Powerball jackpot).

AG: Start working toward my secret dream of being a pastry chef.

KL: Visit a fiduciary.

Name the last book or article you read and loved.

PR: Difficult Women by Roxane Gay.

AG: I’m reading To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf right now. I’m reading it slowly and savoring every beautiful phrase.

KL: I usually read sci-fi/fantasy novels, but I haven’t been too taken with any recently. I did read Lindy West’s memoir, Shrill: Notes From a Loud Woman. I’m pretty sure I felt every emotion she intended for me to feel as a reader. And honestly, I discovered biases that I had about bodies, despite having been exposed to many other things with similar messaging. I immediately gave it to my mother when I was finished.

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This article was published in Invisibility Issue #75 | Summer 2017
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