Behind The Scenes: Why Writers Publish With Bitch

Do you know why folks write for Bitch? I bet you don’t.

Writers come to Bitch because we publish what no one else can. Time and again, our editors have been told that at Bitch, whip-smart feminists don’t have to water things down or be polite, and they certainly don’t have to shrink themselves to be palatable to “the widest possible audience” or turn thoughtful articles into click bait. 

When you support Bitch Media as a B-Hive member you help every feature, review, and piece of witty analysis find a home at Bitch. In turn, we promise you’re not getting the story that we think you want to hear (it’s called having respect for our readers, what a novel idea right?) Instead, you’re getting the stories that need to be written, to be shared, to be read. 

But more than that: you’re getting the story that corporate media was too scared to publish. And by “scared,” we mean “concerned with reader numbers, advertising dollars, investor interests, or all of the above.” This is what the B-Hive is all about.

Earlier this spring, editorial director Lisa Factora-Borchers met a few of Bitch’s contributing writers at a conference and had a frank conversation about the pitching process and what they were excited to write about. One writer started talking about a piece near to their heart that they’d been trying to place but, every time it got accepted, went through several rounds of watered-down edits, making it more pleasant for readers to consume. In the end, the piece was never commercially published because the writer didn’t feel that mainstream media would allow the piece to do the work it needed to do.

A few weeks later, it ran online at Bitch, and our community devoured it. 

This is what we mean when we say the B-Hive keeps Bitch independent. We’re able to run pieces like this across all our platforms, from our magazine to our podcasts, our website to our Instagram account, precisely because we don’t answer to the same corporate dollars that mainstream media must answer to; something we’re able to be unwavering about thanks to the support of members just like you.

We won’t ever let our content be guided by what we can sell to you or what advertisers find profitable. We choose, day in and day out, to be guided instead by our feminist values: creating room for marginalized voices and perspectives that wouldn’t find a platform in clean-cut corporate media. 

For 21 years, we have been a nonprofit, independent, feminist media outlet. Against the odds, we’ve made it in a world that constantly crushes organizations like ours. 

And that’s because of you, yes you, and everyone like you who believes as strongly as we do that feminist media must be independent media.

Right now, we have an extraordinary opportunity to fund this work. You have no idea how rare it is for a group like ours to receive a $30,000 matching gift challenge, but you better believe that I’m not about to let a single dollar slip through the cracks. Not when there are so, so, so many other voices that need to be published. Not when Bitch is one of the only places that truly feels like home.

So I’m asking you to take action. Without hesitation: Join the B-Hive! You think your $8 doesn’t help? Wrong—especially right now, when it’s matched dollar for dollar. 

Get your tote bag, and your mug, and your sticker. Watch the mail for Bitch magazine. Believe with us.

The B-Hive—collective community support adding up—is the only way we’ll ever be able to do this work. Funded any other way? Bitch would just be another compromise. 


Ok the thing is though, now that you’ve seen the bag and mug… how can you turn away without joining the Hive? Do it! $8 each month goes a long way to funding feminist media—and making you look SNAZZY AS HELL.

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