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Witchcraft has gained a lot of mainstream appeal this year, and for good reason. Witches, at their core, are powerful, empowered, independent women—and right now more than ever, that is exactly what the world needs. However, it is vital to be mindful of where these practices originated from and to approach them with reverence and deep respect for the witches (mainly women of color) for whom witchcraft is deeply rooted in their culture and history. With that in mind, here are gifts that will bring out a little magic in anyone.

1. Wear your magic with a hex the patriarchy shirt

What’s more magical than equality? Dreamed up on the full moon by self-described queer, disabled Bolivian bruja, Inés Ixierda, this shirt is for the seriously magical and political person on your list. BruxeriaDesigns also makes a matching pin, prints, and even a onesie.



(BruxeriaDesigns, $25)

2. Or with a moon phase ring

Many branches of witchcraft are deeply connected with nature and its cycles—especially the moon. Made with moonstone, this moonphase ring is infused with all the lunar vibes you could need. Conjure up the magic of the moon by wearing it on your finger.



(Rune and Light, $22.95)

3. Cast spells that fight the power with a Magic Hour revolution candle

Made locally in Portland, this candle is infused with herbs, oils, and a Sardonyx gemstone to help support intentions for transformation, liberation, and justice. Light this candle and let it inspire you to use your powers to heal yourself and the world. You can also get candles infused with protection, creativity, peace, love, and celebration.



(MagicHourAstrology, $20)

4. Banish bad energy with a sage smudge stick

White sage is a deeply sacred and respected herb among many branches of witchcraft, particularly those belonging to Indigenous cultures. It is believed to help dispel negative energy and clear your space. This sage smudging stick from NubianHoneyHerbals is perfect for your witchy friend who has just had enough this year (so, everyone?).



(NubianHoneyHerbals, $9.99)

5. Decorate your space with raw rose quartz

Rose quartz is believed to support self love, open the heart, and calm the nerves. It amplifies intentions of self love and trust, and fosters forgiveness and acceptance. This raw rose quartz is beautiful and a perfect addition to any magic space. The Hoodwitch also sells beautiful amethyst, citrine, larimar, and obsidian.



(The Hoodwitch, $6)

6. Sip some magic with Meditative Tarot Tea

Both tarot and herbal magic are powerful practices for many witches, and they come together beautifully in this hand-blended meditative tarot tea. Deepen into yourself with the High Priestess blend, settle down with At Rest, or cultivate self love and trust with Heart Seeker.



(Asali Earthwork, $12-14)

7. Connect to yourself with an inclusive tarot deck

Tarot, again, is a very powerful practice of divination, and is now used by many to connect to themselves or their spirituality. The Slutist tarot is a “mystical celebration of sex positivity” that is inclusive of the many different bodies that are not traditionally represented. Other inclusive decks include the Motherpeace tarot, the mythical goddess tarot, and the Black power tarot.



(Slutist, $50)

8. Get cozy with Witches, Sluts, Feminists: Conjuring the Sex Positive

Witches, Sluts, and Feminists explores the history of “witch feminism” and the various ways that witch has been used as a way to demean and oppress women. Touching on topics ranging from the witch trials to reproductive rights, sexual pleasure, and sex work, this is a celebration of women who persisted in the face of persecution.



(Powell’s, $16.95)

9. Or with Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers

Maybe witches were and are the wise women and healers of their communities. Witches, Midwives, and Nurses explores the sexism of the medical system and its historical roots in the witch hunts. From the demonization of women healers to the way that the medical system capitalizes on sexism, to alternative health, to shifting ideas about childbirth, this is an expansive exploration of women and medicine.



(Powell’s, $10.50)

10. Take a magical soak

A big part of witchcraft is connecting to yourself, and the bath is an excellent place to do that. These bath bombs ($5) and soaks ($30) are plant based and infused with gems, herbs, and reiki medicine, and are perfect for anyone you would like to gift a breath of relaxation and magic.



(aWitchandTheWolf, $5-30)

by Sabrina Nelson
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Sabrina Nelson is a senior at Reed College, studying for a degree in Sociology. She is interested in the disparity in access to healthcare, food security, and education, and is writing her senior thesis on menstrual inequality and the emerging menstrual movement. When not immersed in those worlds, she spends her time laughing really loudly, writing poetry and reading books about witches. Sabrina loves the ocean, really long walks and baking without a recipe. 

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