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World on Fire: People Aren’t Bad for the Planet—Capitalism Is

Coronavirus isn’t a “detox” of the Earth; it’s a disruption of the systems powering capitalism.

Playing through It: 9 Video Games for Anxious People (That Aren’t “Animal Crossing”)

I reached out to the people of Twitter to gauge the video games anxious people are playing.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: “Schitt’s Creek” Is TV's Most Heartfelt Modern Love Story

It quickly became apparent that David and Patrick’s relatively subdued relationship was what “Schitt’s Creek” viewers were most devoted to.

Celebrity Pandemic Posts Have Us Wondering—Do We Need Famous People?

Celebrities are really leaning into saccharine nonsense.

Coronavirus Shows Care Work Isn’t Just for Disabled Communities Anymore

Will we continue to support our sick and disabled friends who will remain in isolation, even after shelter in place orders have been lifted?

Stories Unmasked: The Two-Pronged Genius of “Portrait of a Lady on Fire’s” Abortion Scene

Céline Sciamma’s work applies warmth and connection to an act made to seem harsh and cold.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Covid-19 Relief Is Exposing the World’s Differing Safety Nets

With wildly differing government rescue packages, the long term effects of coronavirus will depend largely on where people live.

The Truth about TV News Is Far Scarier Than Fiction

The points these movies are making—that news is selectively curated, hosts can be vapid, and commercial television is motivated more by profit than public service—were perhaps shocking once but are now the least of our problems.

Memes to an End: Making the Case for the Living Wage on TikTok

Customer-service workers are sick of being abused and devalued, and while their skits are funny, they’re also communicating a shift that needs to happen in a society that prides itself as progressive.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Medical TV Shows Are Helping Real Doctors during the Pandemic

The crews of Station 19Grey’s AnatomyThe Good Doctor, and New Amsterdam have all given their show’s supplies to hospitals in need

Thanks to Coronavirus, Abortion Clinics Are under Attack—Again

Many abortion patients are now at greater risk of uninterrupted, hostile behavior from anti-abortion protesters.