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More of the Same: The Worst Reboots on the Horizon

Do we really need to keep telling the same stories over and over again?

Listening for Footsteps: Offering Brief Safety in a Hostile Place

Sanctuary is not simply a set-apart or sacred place, but rather the activity of fostering relationships built on care, mutuality, and reciprocity.

Cold Comfort: “The Goop Lab” Proves Capitalist Takes on Self-Care Aren’t Going Anywhere

“We’re here one time, one life, like, how can we really like milk the shit out of this?”

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: “American Dirt” Is Immigrant Trauma Porn

“Happiness doesn’t sell immigrant stories—or garner white clicks.”

Normalized Abuse: Ari Lennox, Blue Ivy, and the Quest to Make Black Girls Hate Themselves

Unfortunately, anti-Black ridicule, much of which is grounded in colorism, only increases when a Black woman becomes famous.

Backtalk: Weinstein in Court

This week Dahlia and Amy talk about the beginning of the trial against Harvey Weinstein in New York.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Western Brands Are Capitalizing off of Lunar New Year

“There’s a stark disconnect that emerges when brands try to commercialize a holiday, especially one tied to cultures that celebrate it abroad like Lunar New Year.”

BitchReads: 13 Graphic Novels Feminists Should Read in 2020

Whether you’re on the search for a light and fun read, or a heavy and political one, you’ll find a graphic novel worth reading in 2020.

Need an Abortion? There’s an App for That

Now there’s an even more intimate way to access abortion information that can be truthful and reliable or wildly misleading—an app on your smartphone.

I Walk the (Front)lines: A Clinic Escort on the Politics of Protection

No matter what happens to Roe v. Wade, whether it is struck down or slowly eroded by seemingly benign restrictions, it won’t stop clinic escorts.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Who Needs a “Hunger Games” Prequel about President Snow?

Entertainment Weekly described the evil dictator as a “new hero.”