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A Painful Paradox: The Case for Reclaiming the Black Beauty Supply

Black employees at non-Black–owned beauty-supply stores report being restricted.

The Lie That Feeds Our Ugly Fascination with Makeover Shows

How do you produce a show that purports to make women more beautiful—presenting them as undesirable as is—and still manage to preach self-love?

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: The Adoptee’s Place in Asian American Storytelling

Netflix’s To All the Boys I Loved Before may be a love story, but it also is a much-needed representation of transracial Asian adoptees, too.

A Moderate Proposal: Twitter's Donald Trump Problem Is a Feature, Not a Bug

Moderation is an institutional problem, not a personal one.

Moderating Mental Health: The Dangers of Social Media’s Report Button

Developing protocols for content that discusses suicide requires a much more nuanced process than social-media platforms are equipped for. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Taika Waititi Is Here for a Queer Valkyrie

When being asked if he wanted Valkyrie to be “explicitly queer” in the film, Waititi said “I think so.”

All Victims Can Be Perpetrators

Our society has not yet accepted that women can inflict horrible wounds and still be horribly wounded themselves.

Popaganda: Class War, but Make It Fashion

Fashion is fueling the marginalization, abuse, and exploitation of some of the world’s most vulnerable women.

Badass Broad with a PhD: In “Birds of Prey,” Harley Quinn Is Free of Joker and Sexist Branding

 Birds of Prey sets the bar for nuanced depictions of female comic-book characters on the big screen.

We’re Here, We’re Sheer: Cora Harrington’s Lingerie Revolution

The power of lingerie, and of intimates, is that you can express yourself underneath what you have to wear.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: We're Still Reckoning with Kobe Bryant's Complicated Past

We still don’t know how to create space for complex realities where people can do both great and terrible things.