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The Forgotten History of the Women Who Shaped Modern Advertising

It’s easy to dismiss advertising as an anti-feminist industry.

The Feminist Power of Female Ghosts

The female ghost is an enduringly fascinating figure.

"Moonlight” is an Essential Work of Art for the Current Political Moment

Moonlight displays the kind of empathy and humanity that we desperately need right now.

It’s Time to End the Long History of Feminism Failing Transgender Women

To imply that trans women pose a threat to cisgender women in restrooms is misinformation that preys on unfounded fears.


What 20 Years of Bitch Has Meant To Me

I never thought Bitch would make it to 20. To be honest, I kind of hoped we wouldn't—when your mission is to respond to crappy, insulting representations of gender, race, and more, after all, the goal is to put yourself out of business.

Dear Bear: My Partner Makes No Money. Is That a Problem?

Our advice columnist offers a lesson in anticapitalist self-care. 

Oh Joy Sex Toy: How I Realized I'm Asexual

Artist Kiku H shares her personal story.

Saying Goodbye to Maria and the End of a Sesame Street Era

Growing up, Sesame Street's Maria was one of the best Latina role models I had. This summer, she's leaving the show after 44 years and Sesame Street is moving to HBO. It's all happening so fast! Keeping this show accessible to Americans who can’t shell out for HBO is important. Even without Maria, I hope my little nephews can enjoy the same diverse...

Critical Conditions: For Trans Individuals, Seeking Medical Care Can Be a Minefield

When trans individuals encounter the medical system, they’re often met with discrimination and misunderstanding.

A Conversation About Transgender Representation in Pop Culture

Janet Mock, on her MSNBC web show, is one of a handful of transgender people who has recently gained international visibility.

Recently, we’ve seen a transformation of the representation of transgender people in pop culture.