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A Little More Consideration for Women in Film in 2008

The run up to the Oscars is dominated by best-of lists, and - with few exceptions (including the Women Film Critics Circle Awards) - most of those lists end up looking just about the same: dominated by men, featuring only a small handful of female performers. Which is why it was so exciting this past weekend to see The New York Times list of the year’s best. While not quite chock full...

Femident Toothpaste: For women with teeth

On the newest episode of Flight of the Conchords, Brett and Jemaine write a jingle for Femident, a new brand of toothpaste that is just for women. True to Conchords form, the song is cute, funny, and sensitive to a woman's [dental] needs. Check it out and give your thoughts after the jump!

Beyonce Isn't Afraid to Get Ugly on New Track

A lot has been said (including on this blog) about the sort of affable empowerment that is ubiquitous in Beyonce's chart-busting hits, especially on her latest record, I Am... Sasha Fierce, but the third single, "Diva" is more "fierce" than what you might expect.   More after the jump.

Dark Noise: our Third Podcast

Bitch’s third foray into the world of podcast continues! Hot off the hard drive, our Dark Noise episode (inspired by both our Loud and Noir issues) features new segments such as “Ask Your Cervix,” tween delight over a Twilight premiere, interviews with two female metal rockers, and no podcast is really complete without honoring Dolly Parton, as featured on the first ever Bitch Living...

Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Wii Fit and Feminist Subversion?

I’ve been really surprised to find the extent that the vloggers of the world have embraced Wii Fit as a subject of discussion. The topics range anywhere from how much Wii Fit sucks, to simple instructions, to why men should buy their girlfriends Wii Fit. Guess which topic gets the most attention?

From a very limited google search that I conducted (I mean *very* limited) it...

Dear you...

We’re two days away from 2009, and we need your support to help us reach our year-end goal of 500 new sustainers! If you haven’t joined yet, would you please do so? It’s quick and easy. Just $5 a month helps sustain independent feminist media—media that caters to you, our readers, not to advertisers.

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Our hugest thanks to...

Best Feminist Picks of 2008

The best feminist moments of 2008, in my humble opinion.

Re-Imagining Revolutionary Road

In the week leading up to the release of the film Revolutionary Road, there was quite a media ballyhoo about Kate Winslet reading Betty Friedan's 1963 feminist classic The Feminine Mystique to prepare for her role as April Wheeler, as well as Winslet's declaration (albeit tepid) that she is a feminist ("I think I probably am. I mean, not in a bra-burning way. But I think I am a feminist, yeah...

Attacks on Gaza

I was going to post today about how I got the Wii Fitness for Christmas and what my thoughts were.

But today, the only thing I can think about and post about is what is happening in the Gaza strip right now.

Two days after Christmas, the Israeli government began military strikes against Gaza. Children were heading home from school, university students were waiting for the bus to...

Give a Gift of Justice!

One of the great things about the intersection of new media and feminism is that we (consumers and creators of media) are able to learn more about the efforts to improve women's lives and have unprecedented accessibility AND ability to assist organizations in need. As the holiday season continues, let your spirit of giving continue to support initiatives like the New Orleans Women's Health...