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B-Sides is back!

B-Sides is back! Whoo hoo!

I have promised Debbie, our fearless leader, that I will be posting at LEAST 3 times a week and I am feeling less intimidated than I had in the past with the blog (until my tenure at Bitch I had never read, nor posted, on a blog), so watch out Debbie!

The Bitch staff is off to our monthly Board meeting this evening......


Support South End Press!

This morning in my in box was an e-mail titled, "An Open Letter to the South End Press Community." I clicked right on it, before I read my daily-headlines e-mail or the note from Debbie asking my opinion on a Very Important Matter—and even before I read the note from the boy I am currently most crushed out on. Because I am a member of their Community Supported Publishing program, which means I...

Personalizing and de-centering

Isn't our new website pretty?  I'm really excited about it. Except that when I clicked on the blog page, I freaked out when I saw all of our staff/founder images, with little bits of information about us. In fact I freaked out so much that I called our web design team and begged them to take it down; it felt so exposing and self-important!  They suggested I write a blog post instead and ask...

And while I'm at it



Where did this word come from? 

Every time I hear it, a similar jolt goes through my body. 

I really really really can't stress strongly enough

how much it shocks my heart to hear how often the expression "you guys" is used in everyday language, especially in social movement/radical community spaces.

I don't mean to be unsympathetic or humorless or heartless. Yes I understand how difficult it is to replace that phrase with something else. But I promise it can be done. And talking about love and revolution and radical politics...

Our new site is live!

Please check it out, spread the word, and let us know what you think!  What features do you like?  What would you like to see?  Comment away...

And please support our efforts if you can – we're very excited that our site is ad free and offers content free of charge.  This publishing model only works if the folks who can support this work do.  Plus then you can see the fancy rainbow...

Panda-ing to the Masses

Escaped the 100-degree heat in Portland this weekend with a trip to blessed air conditioning to see Kung Fu Panda. And while you can't escape its exploitive racial sterotyping and fat-phobia, it did provide a good takeaway lesson for my 8-year-old daughter.

Assorted thoughts on Pride, weddings, and capitalism

Last night I went out to my neighborhood queer bar, the White Horse Inn, to see the East Bay Kings put on the most kick-ass drag show ever. It was not only the runup to the enormous Pride festivities in San Francisco, but also the farewell performance of Neil Down, who is seriously out-of-control fantabulous.

The mood was raucous and joyful, bolstered even more by the presence of a...