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Assorted thoughts on Pride, weddings, and capitalism

Last night I went out to my neighborhood queer bar, the White Horse Inn, to see the East Bay Kings put on the most kick-ass drag show ever. It was not only the runup to the enormous Pride festivities in San Francisco, but also the farewell performance of Neil Down, who is seriously out-of-control fantabulous.

The mood was raucous and joyful, bolstered even more by the presence of a...

Denver Feminism In/Action discusion coming up!

Please come out for this and spread the word! More details are here.



Lincoln Feminism In/Action discusion coming up!

Please come out and spread the word! More details are here.

There are no words

I don't know whether to thank my friend Elise for bringing this to my attention, or gently curse her:

High heels. For babies. That is all.

Also, when Fox News's Megyn Kelly starts sounding hard-hitting and feminist, the apocalypse is clearly nigh.

Under the knife: A thinner, sexier Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears

We've run articles on many a controversial subject here at Bitch, and readers have responded with appropriate ardor to such topics as fat suits, pro-porn theory, eating disorders, the "hasbian" phenomenon, and more. Yet some of the most impassioned letters we've gotten in the past year or so hinged on a short piece in issue #35 about the disturbing equine makeover of My Little Pony. (It's not...

About/for my dad

Since today is Father’s Day, I want to take some time to reflect on my dad, and try to start giving voice to some ideas and pain and anger that have been simmering in my mind.

My dad died this past winter after a shitty and long battle with cancer (he was a life-long smoker). He was 67. Now I know this might seem like a particularly loaded way of bringing politics down to the...

Tote bags and independent magazines

I finally unpacked from last weekend's NCMR, and unloaded the special NCMR tote bag. I've learned from the past couple conferences I've attended that tote bags are apparently a necessary part of every conference. Am I being an ungracious a**hole when I say I find this ridiculous? Sure, tote bags are helpful in organizing all the conference materials and other items handed out at workshops, but...

Coming out (and out and out)

Lately I’ve been thinking about the process of coming out and identities/shifting, and how for so many of us it’s an ongoing/lifetime process. In part because we as individuals change, and/or in part because our environment changes, and/or in part because our identities can’t be read on the outside, and/or because some of us feel the most comfortable in those in-between...

List-less: Nerve takes on strong women in film

Maybe I'm being too way too picky, but there is something deeply underachieving about Nerve's "Girl Power Top Ten," a list of the ten most—oh yeah, here it comes—empowering movies of all time.

Now, I would never come right out and suggest that perhaps having three dudes be the ones to make both of these judgment calls is going to, you know, limit the scope of things, but...okay, that's...

And speaking of MySpace...

but on a more positive (well, admirable at least) note….