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Does this qualify as a mega church?


This is a cathedral!  



Breast is best: More on feminism and animal rights

Since another PETA ad campaign is making the rounds in the blogosphere -- this one persuading Ben and Jerry's to use breast milk instead of cows' milk (Breast is best!) -- I wanted to offer a little bit here and send people over to a post that captures some of what's on my mind. Namely, the all-too-common refusal of non-veg*n feminists to even engage with the legitimate animal cruelty...

Happy punctuation day!

I just learned from a blog I love that today is National Punctuation Day.

Who knew?

Today I celebrate the ellipsis...

Grassroots Media Truth Tour

The Grassroots Media Justice Tour is starting soon and might just be coming to your town. Check it out and spread the word! Bitch is proud to be a sponsor. In fact I was supposed to participate on the tour, but... well, as you all know, we need all hands on deck to sustain our beloved organization. I'm there in spirit...

Tour Highlights:

* Performances, multimedia, and...

Feminisms: Core values? Goals?

First off, if you live in San Diego, you should get yourself to this benefit concert this weekend! 

A very 'comic' weekend

My cousin was in town this weekend—her first visit to Portland since childhood (we're from the Bay Area). It was a whirlwind visit, but we did hit the most important spots like Powell's Books and the legendary zine shop, Reading Frenzy. In addition to starting the graphic novel, The Watchmen (so far there are already some interesting plot points about the role of women in this...

Traveling in California this week

I'll be in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Oakland (for the Critical Resistance conference) this week -- please come out for these if you can! And please spread the word...


Monday, September 22, 4:30-6:30

Feminism In/Action: What is your feminism for and why does it matter?

* Free and open to the public

At the home of Pat Washington, 4537 Alamo...

We've made history together!

We're thrilled to announce that just three short days after our announcement that we need to raise $40,000 by October 15th in order to print the next issue of Bitch, you've rallied together and propelled us beyond our $40,000 fundraising goal. In fact, by the time we looked up from our computers, you'd already donated $46,000! On top of that, you've spread the word far and wide, and offered...

Bitch's second audio adventure

Time out from our fundraising adventure to share our second podcast with you: The Genesis of Genesis. Go have a listen!  

Bitch Radio Episode 2 : The Genesis of Genesis

Although the Genesis issue is off the newsstands, we present you with Bitch’s second foray into audio, The Genesis of Genesis. This episode features a conversation about summer superhero movies, a literal interpretation of Genesis, and a blast from Bitch’s past. We also take to the streets to ask people, “When does life begin?” Woven throughout are the sounds from Bitch for the...