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Allien Landing Stateside


I originally heard German electronic strongwoman, Ellen Allien in 2003 when her first full length album, Berlinette, arrived on the scene. Her stop/start beats and the warmth of her spoken words on top ('Need a planet without cars and wars—no wars—no cars—no wars—no cars. I wish it could be true...) got me right away. Well, she hasn't stopped since (and really she'd be going on...

For a Limited Time Only: Bitch Infomercial Video Contest!

Hey Bitch fans! Are you tired of not seeing videos that you made yourself on the Bitch website? Well then, have we got an offer for you! Our upcoming subscription drive will feature parodies of some of our favorite infomercials (after all, a subscription to Bitch is only $19.95). But we need your help! Between today (March 16) and May 15, we’ll be accepting Bitch infomercial videos from...

SXSW Day Party! Let's Do This, Austin.

Calling all SXSW attendees! Join us this Wednesday for the Kill Rock Stars/Bitch SXSW Day Party! We'll be there with bells (and issues of the magazine) on. Will you?

Click here or here for more info (and videos) on the amazing bands that will be playing at the party!

British police lose when it comes to taking sexual assault seriously

Last week, John Worboys was convicted of one count of rape and seven counts of sexual assault on women he drugged and attacked in his cab. At least 85 women accused him of assault and the number is believed to be even higher than that. Due to a practice by British police to fail to classify women's allegations of assault as crimes, Worboys and who knows how many other predators got away with...

Adventures in Feministory: Louise Fitzhugh & Harriet the Spy

For my turn at Adventures in Feministory, I wanted to give props to the creator of a character that inspired girls to keep spy notebooks and make their own tool belts. A character that was every bit as unladylike as she was fond of gossip. A character who was unapologetically loud and rocked jeans and sneakers everyday. I am, of course, talking about Louise Fitzhugh and (my personal...

The First Lady Fashion Show

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Get Yourself on the Radio!

Production is underway for our next Buzz/Consumed podcast and it won’t be complete without you! We are hungry for your celebrity nominees for the Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame, and your burning, embarrassing, or rando questions for oracle with the mostess, the Ask Your Cervix segment!

Also lined up are interviews with the women who run Kill Rock Stars, as well as the...

BitchTapes: Crush Edition

It's Friday, and you know what that means: Time for another edition of BitchTapes! Because Spring (crush season) is upon us, I figured I'd put together a mix of songs you can send to your crush(es). In the "Kelsey's Got A Crush on You" mix you'll find a song for almost every crush occasion and gender/orientation combination.

There's a song for a new crush, an old crush, an unwanted...

Get Your Buzz On: Portland Karaoke Release Issue Party!

Join us for some karaoke and merriment at the “Buzz” issue release party this Sunday! 7:00 at Chopsticks III in North Portland. More details after the jump!

10 Ways to Subtly Want to Puke All Over


As a woman, I don't spend too much time hanging out over at Maybe I should start, though, because people who frequent the site are getting valuable life lessons hand over fist in the form of the askmen Top 10. Today's topic? Subtle Ways to Tell Her She's Getting Fat.

According to, one way to subtly tell your female partner she's packed on a few...