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"What does feminism, or sexism, mean in a vacuum?”

Another amazingly articulate, thoughtful, critical analysis of "feminism" by Jess Hoffmann... Here's a snippet, but please please go read the rest.  

I see a lot of people who say they believe in "intersectionality" talk about it kind of like this: Since some women are people of color, and some women are poor, and some women are queer, it's important for feminism to...

I ♥ Sarah Waters

I felt very much out of the lezzie-loop yesterday when I found out that Sarah Waters' second novel, Affinity, has been made into a movie and was the opening night film at Frameline this summer. Now full disclosure: Sarah Waters is one of my celebrity crushes and I think I blew my cover on that fact after running into her in a bathroom at the 2003 Seattle Gay and Lesbian Film Festival where I...

Now what movie did I want to tell you about?

I always feel like I'm racking my brain to remember what I've watched recently, and who I'd like to recommend it to. I found this little pocket Film Diary at Little Otsu, a favorite small press of mine based in San Francisco & Portland (full disclosure: I'm currently working on designing a planner with them).

"Feminist Perspectives in Pop Culture” lecture series update!

Good news for anyone who can make it to Portland, Oregon for the inaugural B-Word/Bitch lecture series, Feminist Perspectives in Pop Culture! We've got three of the four speakers lined up and tickets go on sale next week. Come one, come all! Get the series pass!

If you can't be here in Portland there are ways to get involved in supporting the series: buy a pass to give out to someone...

Muslim women in comic books

Female, Muslim, Mutant: A Critique of Muslim Women in Comic Books, Part 1 of 2 by Racialicous guest contributor, Jehanzeb Dar, was a really interesting read. Check it out!

Giving new meaning to the term bike 'racks'

This pains me to write, because I adore David Byrne. The man is incredibly inspiring, always active, never resting on his laurels, a great social critic and just plain rockin' (his music made up a big chunk of my 'growing-up' soundtrack). So I was pretty bummed by one of the bike racks he recently created for the New York City (see the full article on The New York Times site). Each...

Defenders of the semicolon unite!

Our beloved punctuation mark is under attack for being 'girly'...

H/T to Broadsheet for linking to the Boston Globe article:  

The credit probably belongs to Trevor Butterworth, who in 2005...wrote a 2,700-word essay on the semicolon in the Financial Times. Butterworth, who had worked in the States, wondered why so many Americans shared Donald Barthelme's sense that the mark...

Small gifts matter

Revisioning and strategic planning are hard work for an organization. We at B-Word/Bitch have been thinking about this process for months, even years for some folks, but last Friday we formally began this journey and I have got to say, it is going to be a pretty great adventure these next few months.

Debbie is devoting an entire post to our process so I won't divulge more, but being in...

Douchebag lawyer and his douchebag lawsuit:

So New York lawyer Roy Den Hollander once married a young woman he met while working as a private investigator in Russia. Once Den Hollander moved himself and his foreign bride back to New York City, though, she took a job as a stripper and proceeded to dump him within months.

It's a sad little story, and probably not nearly the first of its kind. But to say Den Hollander seems to have...

Ad interventions

"Basically, I just want people to see what it would be like if plus-size models were represented similarly to slim models." -- Kristin Lou Herout.