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Did media literacy just get a whole lot cooler?

Obviously we here at Bitch love us some media criticism. That is why we are so excited to hear about the new IFC television show, "The IFC Media Project." (Well, that and the fact that the show is hosted by super-hunky-dreamboat Gideon Yago.) 

Bond Girl Power

While there's a lot a feminist critique of Quantum of Solace, the new James Bond flick, could cover, such as the other-ing of the voiceless "ethnic" communities/Bond's sense of entitlement to their culture and resources, Judy Dench's role as M, or the current, very real political turbulence in Bolivia (FYI? George Bush is still our president), this post mainly focuses on the use of the rape-...

Fake Me On




Is "fake" the new "bitchy"?

Welcome, guest bloggers!

I'm really excited to announce that starting this very week we'll be hosting a rotating crew of guest bloggers. I'd like to introduce and welcome our first two:

Juliana Tringali, a regular and longtime contributor to and supporter of Bitch, started out as an intern here way back in the day, when she wrote this piece. Juliana will be blogging with a feminist eye on mainstream TV – so if...

Sexy kids' toys go to the dogs.

Apparently, the stuffed animals of yesterday just aren't sexy enough for today's smokin' hot youngsters. Enter Tini Puppini. These tiny stuffed dogs are, according to the products' website, "the most popular pups in town." They wear shoes, clothes, and makeup. They love shopping and gossip. They hang out in all of the hippest spots, from nightclubs to spas. And, each of the three pups has her...

Adventures in Feministory: Stepanova and Popova

As a graphic designer, my interests in innovative women of history are often strongest for those involved in visual arts. And as a former student of Russian and a devoted Russophile, my obsession with designers of post-revolutionary Russia is off the charts. Enter Varvara Stepanova and Liubov Popova.

Weekend Rhymes

Alright kids. My SAD disorder's kicking in—in ten minutes I'll be huddled over childhood pictures on my cold bedroom floor, weeping and craving carbs. So real quick, here are your weekend rhymes. They won't replace the sun, but at least they're cheaper than those natural light bulbs.


Tim Harrington, front man for indie rock band Les Savy Fav is as infamous for his stage antics (and tiny red shorts) as he is for his vocals. Tim has recently taken his showmanship to a new level with the PitchforkTV-produced web-show Beardo. Episode one, "Vampiral Dysfunction" (which probably would have been funnier not premiering on Halloween) guest-starred funny lady Kristen Schaal (Daily...

Your Turn

Hey there, Interwebs. So, there was some pretty kooky stuff that went on this week when it comes to feminist issues and pop culture. And, since a lot of the words in that last sentence can also be found on the cover of our magazine, how could we not bring these things up in a way that is interactive, thoughtful, and an excellent way to goof off on the Internet instead of working? That'...

Exit, Stage Right

So many douchebags, so little time. The air was thick with them this week: That guy who owns American Apparel and who holds his staff meetings in the nude; Joe the Plumber and his dumb-ass new country music contract; George W. Bush and his stupid face.