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The F-Word, a multimedia film justice project for women of color 18 and older

(Thank you to the fabulous Joclyn Burell of South End Press for the heads-up on this)

Chica Luna is Now Accepting Applications for the 3rd cycle of the F-Word!

Please spread the word!

Up and running and taking applications for our signature program, The F-Word, a multimedia film justice project for women of color 18 and older. Launched in January 2005, The F-...

Bitch in Milwaukee: Bitchcraft

I'm posting updates to my Midwestern trip as they're finalized. Here's what's happening in Milwaukee. More on other cities to come soon!  


If you live in Milwaukee, please come out for these events – and spread the word!

Bitchcraft, a weekend of music, arts, crafts, and words will take place Saturday, May 17–Sunday, May 18. All events are free—donations are very much...

Report back: Tim Wise Speak Out (special guest dispatch)

Special guest report from friend of Bitch Kyla Wagener...

I have yet to read Tim Wise's White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son (Soft Skull Press) or Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White (Routledge), but have heard tons of praise for his work. So I was excited for his appearance at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland earlier this month, an event...

Bitch office in Portland now a gallery space too!


Please stop by the office during open hours 9:30-5:00 Monday-Friday. (Best to call ahead as there is not someone in the office at *all* times). Pieces are for sale by the artist on a sliding scale. For a peek at the works go to:

Come one, come all -- B-Word/Bitch is seeking an Operations Director

Please spread this far and wide! Cheers!


Best known for publishing the quarterly magazine Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, B-Word is a 12-year old nonprofit, independent, grassroots publishing organization; our mission is to critique pop culture/...

Slowpoke comes to Portland!

During the mid-'80s, my political education came almost entirely from Bloom County, to which my brother introduced me and to which I immediately became attached. Really, what's not to love about a preadolescent Bob Woodward type, his feminist elementary-school teacher, and a neurotic penguin with an unhealthy Caspar Weinberger obsession?

It's only recently that I've followed any...

Hello, Detroit!


#1. Who doesn't love a danceparty?

#2. Who doesn't want to dance at a fundraiser for bitch magazine in detroit?

Please forward to all your friends in the Detroit area, and if you'd like to host something like this in your area, please, please, let us know.


Report back: V to the Tenth (special guest dispatch)

Much as we wanted, we at Bitch were unable to attend the V to the Tenth celebration in New Orleans last week. So I asked Bitch friend Annie Lipsitz to write up a quick report-back. Here it is...


NOLA feminism's big, but not always easy

By Annie Lipsitz

On Saturday, we spent the morning at an ACORN affordable housing fair in the Ninth Ward and in the afternoon...

Time out for some zine love

A few good ones I've stumbled upon recently.  

Bitte Liebling ("Please darling" in Deutsche). As the subtitle, Hot Queer Action, suggests, it's a porn zine, so if you're not into that kind of thing, move on to the next one. But for others, the latest issue (#4) includes a very special photo essay in which Bitch magazine is, uh, prominently featured. Curious? Contact Frau Carissa to...

More reading and listening and thinking

Here are a few of the amazing, insightful, powerful, not-to-be-missed things I've been reading over the past few days.

On some of the work that is cut out for feminists committed to making anti-racism and anti-imperialism central to our movements: Diary of an Anxious Black Woman on International Women's Day, She Who Stumbles on tactics and privilege.

On how white feminists need...