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Busting the “Technical Virgin” Myth

For months now, articles about our "hook-up culture" have touted the fact that teens have been engaging in oral and anal sex instead of vaginal sex so that they can still call themselves virgins. The trouble is, it turns out that so-called fact is actually a myth.

Q It Up

Are you out, proud and ... femme?

A little mad at the Mad City

When I moved to Madison to go to school several years ago, all I knew about the city was that people often referred to it as the "Berkeley of the Midwest" because of its history of radical politics. And while – like Berkeley itself – that intense thread of resistance is not nearly as palpable as it must've been back then, the vibe of the city is still very progressive. As one example, I don't...

Flex Your Gray Matter at the Bitch Pub Quiz!

Support what you love; come to Bitch's first ever fundraising Pub Quiz! It'll be a trivia-licious evening of questions, answers, games, music, and more! Quizmistress Toni Tabora-Roberts will test your knowledge of women and pop culture with everything from general-interest questions to name-that-tune brainteasers. You'll expand your knowledge, get the chance to win some great prizes...

Support Critical Resistance!



Below is a message from the amazing Jess Hoffmann about fundraising and planning efforts for CR 10, the Critical Resistance gathering happening in Oakland this September. Thousands of people will be coming together to organize against the prison industrial complex and work to create a world everyone – in every community – has access to basic necessities like food,...

Hey Madison folks, please come out!

I love that my co-workers think of cows when they think of Wisconsin (thanks, Jess and Briar, for the awesome flyer!).

Also, please come to Room of One's Own Feminist Bookstore, 307 W. Johnson, on Wednesday (May 14) from 6:00-8:00PM for a participatory discussion about Feminism In/Action: What is your feminism for and why does it matter?

Bitch in the Heartland

Isn't a rack of independent magazines a lovely sight? 

Trying to keep up

Clearly I'm not one of those people who can keep my blog up-to-the-minute, but I want to mention two more things about my visit to Detroit, even though I'm actually two states beyond at this point.

Before I left town, I had lunch with some staff members of Labor Notes, an incredible and radical organization/magazine that provides a forum for union activists to honestly examine problems...

Calling All Zine Nerds, Dorks, Geeks (which we say with love and pride) to Zine Camp!!

Long for the days of camp but without the whole overnight, sleeping bag part? 

Well, look no futher, for ZINE CAMP is here!

Zine Camp is a four-week long camp that meets two days a week, tuesdays and fridays, from 12-4pm. The campers meet at the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) in downtown Portland. The IPRC is a community workspace, geared towards self-expression...