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Specular Preserves at Reading Frenzy

I just found out about this show for first Thursday at Reading Frenzy. Looks like it's gonna be great!

Get some nuts?

If you’re offended, you can take some relief knowing that the ad was never shown in the United States – Mars (Snickers’ parent company) agreed to pull it after complaints from the HRC.

Submit to Make/Shift

If you haven't checked out Make/Shift magazine yet, I highly recommend it. 

From their mission statement: 

Make/shift magazine creates and documents contemporary feminist culture and action by publishing journalism, critical analysis, and visual and text art. Made by an editorial collective committed to antiracist, transnational, and queer perspectives, make/shift embraces the...

Enough! Resisting Capitalism

Thanks to Jessica Hoffmann for alerting me to a new project I'm thrilled to spread the word about:

Enough: The Personal Politics of Resisting Capitalism

Enough is a space for conversations about creating shared values and practices around wealth redistribution, how to sustain grassroots movements, how to resist capitalism in our everyday lives.

Please go there now!  Read...

Summer reading suggestions?

Anyone out there have summer reading suggestions for our on-line readers? Non-fiction and fiction....? graphic novels? essays? bring it all on. 

My gal, my son and I are heading out on a roadtrip this Sunday to a little cabin in Montana for a week of reading and relaxing and I would love to take a stack of reader suggested books with me, as I am sure many of us would. Then maybe we...

When is enough, enough?

Over the past year at B-Word/Bitch we have been talking about growing. And doing some growing, too. But within these discussions there are some fundamental questions that not just B-Word contends with, but many, if not most, non-profits.

When is enough, enough? 

When have we grown enough? How do we stay grassroots and evolve? When is the evolution over? 

Sometimes I...

Attention artists and makers of things!

Now is the time when I ask all you 'makers' to support Bitch by donating one of your pieces to our annual fundraising art auction. This year promises to be as good (if not better) than last year!

What past Bitch articles do you want to see online?

One of the people hard at work behind the scenes here is Kyla Wagener, AKA Bitch webmonkey.  I'm sharing this for two reasons. First because Kyla recently started her own blog. She's wicked smart. You should read it.

I also share this because in her role as webmonkey, Kyla's wrangling all the content from past issues to be posted here. Our plan is to make available all content from...

Visiting Portland!

I'm up in Portland this week, visiting Debbie and hanging out at the Bitch office. I haven't been here in about a year, and it's amazing to see how bustling the office is—with interns and volunteers and new staffers (hi, Brian!)—while maintaining a relatively unfrenzied vibe, even though it's the middle of production on a new issue. This kind of calm, um, was never really achieved when I was...

A Bitch Pitch

I was about a month into my job at Bitch and seeking meetings with many who are closest to B-Word's heart. I had the pleasure of meeting the individual who wrote this pitch about a year ago in a Seattle coffeeshop. Her words have blown us away and got us thinking about raising money and the values around procuring donations, sponsorship, planning events/fundraisers and grant funding and...