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Last night I co-hosted a fundraising house party for the kick-ass feminist media organization Women in Media and News. I've been involved in the organization since its planning and launch, and am proud to be its founding board chair.

The room was full of amazing feminist activists, and you could practically feel the air buzzing with the energy from everyone's projects: About-Face, a...

B-Word/Bitch is starting a lecture series!

B-Word/Bitch magazine is thrilled to announce our first lecture series, "Feminist Perspectives in Pop Culture," a four-evening series made possible by the generous funding of the Oregon Council for the Humanities! We are so happy that we've been dancing around the office. And then panic set in because we need a confirmed line-up of folks to speak! 

So, I thought I'd share our potential...

Come work at Bitch!

Please spread as far and wide as you possibly can...


Here at Bitch, we're in search of a perfect someone to join our tiny but dedicated staff as a program director (full-time) at our office in Portland, Oregon. Someone bright, with a deep talent and love for analyzing media/pop culture from a perspective rooted in social/economic justice, who's passionate about both...

Guilty DIY Pleasures

I stumbled upon this little brooch over at In light of our previous post with Tina Fey's original proclamation: 'Bitches get stuff done!', I couldn't help putting it here on sm[art].

Action update on the birth-control-as-abortion thang

NARAL's letter-writing link is here (goes to Congress). Planned Parenthood's is here (goes to the White House).

And, courtesy of commenter softpieces on yesterday's post, Department of Health and Human Services contact info: Secretary Mike Leavitt's office: 202-690-7000 Secretary Mike Leavitt's email: Secretary Mike Leavitt's fax: 202-690-7203 Secretary Mike...

Our government wants to define some forms of birth control as abortion

Someone on my favorite feminist- and media-related listserv just pointed me to this article, by the ever-knowledgable Cristina Page, about a new Health and Human Services Department proposal that would define the pill, the patch, the shot, the IUD, the ring, and Plan B as abortion rather than contraception. I am no fan of hormonal methods for not breeding (had some bad experiences there...),...

Milwaukee Zine Fest

The Milwaukee Zine Fest is this weekend, Friday through Sunday, July 18-20. Workshops, films, tables of zines and other printed matter. 

It's free! 

Friday night: BBQ, baseball, kickball, and music

Saturday and Sunday: Zine fair, dialogues, and workshops, plus more music at night

Bitch (and Make/Shift!) will be represented by the wonderful Joy Zuccarello, so...

Know about New Moon for girls?

Several months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Gruver, founder of New Moon, a magazine aimed at girls ages 8 to 12. New Moon is great – they're ad free, have girl editors and writers. They have a girl blog. Oh, and they're also based in Minnesota. 

Today in my inbox was a message from Nancy sharing the news that on September 1, they'll be launching New Moon Girls web community...

Gay Travel Magazines? What?

New arrival on the B-Word/Bitch doorstep today: Out Traveler : The Standard of Gay Travel. After briefly thumbing through the Fall 2008 issue, it appears (note: strong generalization appearing soon) to be a tool for upper class, white gay males with articles such as "Hawaii's Polysexual Past" or "Art Hotels: Find inspiration among the many shades of gay at these gallery-style sanctuaries." Huh...