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Ms. Pac Man: Feminist Icon?

As a child of the 80s, I couldnt resist this. Have a look at this video and decide for yourself if Ms. Pac Man was a feminist or not!


Alcohol is a depressant, right? And alcohol use and aggression/violence are related? But isn't it possible to use alcohol as a force of good, as a relaxant, as medicine? Don't we all deserve coping mechanisms?... And who are we to judge?   

Warning: Downer alert

I was in Lincoln about a week and a half ago, where we'd organized a Feminism In/Action discussion. It was the first...

A Friday funny

A good Friday afternoon laugh.

Never fails to crack me up. Especially the flyer part. I have actually seen some of those flyers on the streets of Portland, OR.

Why the love for Oprah?

Okay, so maybe it is the heat of the office making me unusually cranky on this Friday afternoon but I just have to write and ask, what is the deal with the Oprah phenomena, and particularly the magazine?

Now I know these may not be popluar thoughts to have these days, but I've got two questions (among many) that have been burning a hole on my mind that makes this whole love fest just...

A couple of things you ought to know about

Before I leave the B-Word office to spend the weekend working in the air-conditioned, shades-drawn splendor of my own home, I wanted to hip you folks to two very cool projects that are looking for your input and support.

The first comes courtesy of Stacy Bias, a Portlander who many of you may have heard of because she's pretty much a one-woman dynamo of both fat activism and general...

Introducing sm[art]

Welcome to the first entry of sm[art]! As a visually-focused person (I'm the art director here at Bitch), I decided it was high time to devote a special spot to visual arts. I hope to spotlight the works of artists of all kinds, who have some feminist, social or political themes in their work.

B-Sides is back!

B-Sides is back! Whoo hoo!

I have promised Debbie, our fearless leader, that I will be posting at LEAST 3 times a week and I am feeling less intimidated than I had in the past with the blog (until my tenure at Bitch I had never read, nor posted, on a blog), so watch out Debbie!

The Bitch staff is off to our monthly Board meeting this evening......


Support South End Press!

This morning in my in box was an e-mail titled, "An Open Letter to the South End Press Community." I clicked right on it, before I read my daily-headlines e-mail or the note from Debbie asking my opinion on a Very Important Matter—and even before I read the note from the boy I am currently most crushed out on. Because I am a member of their Community Supported Publishing program, which means I...

Personalizing and de-centering

Isn't our new website pretty?  I'm really excited about it. Except that when I clicked on the blog page, I freaked out when I saw all of our staff/founder images, with little bits of information about us. In fact I freaked out so much that I called our web design team and begged them to take it down; it felt so exposing and self-important!  They suggested I write a blog post instead and ask...

And while I'm at it



Where did this word come from? 

Every time I hear it, a similar jolt goes through my body.