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Mikhaela B. Reid is a Must Be Read

Now this kind of attack, I like.

Meh's Anatomy

I've been avoiding Grey's Anatomy for 5 seasons now, but with critics bemoaning the show's rapid demise (as in sex scenes with a g-g-ghost!) I decided to check it out while I still could. Best case scenario: It's so bad it's good. Worse case scenario: It's offensive enough to warrant a scathing blog post.

But, to my surprise, neither was true...

Fabulous way to bring in the new administration

While I identify as a sea creature ally more than a Femme Shark, the Femme Sharks are, nonetheless, one of my very very favorite organizations in the world. Created as a way to redefine and reclaim what 'femme' can mean especially as it pertains to and centers women of color, the Femme Sharks are fierce, in your face, and unapologetic in their love and their activism. If you are in the San...

Shot through the vagina, and Rock of Love Bus is to blame.

Just in case you are tired out from celebrating Obama's inauguration today (although if you aren't tired of celebrating you should totally watch this video) we thought we would bring you a little diversion. So let's take a minute and think not about this historic day and how happy we are to have a president who is not an international embarrassment, but instead about Rock of Love Bus....


After a morning attempting to navigate barricades and checkpoints we were beginning to feel like rats in a maze, so we entered Teaism, at 400 8th St. SW (, which was the closest we could get to the swearing-in. The staff, Kim and Terry, graciously let us watch the ceremony on their Mac. By the end of the inauguration, the room was full, and tears and shouts of joy were abundant...

Prenauguration! Live from DC

So my friend and I have driven 765 miles from Milwaukee to DC to soak up some history in the making. We're swinging it ticketless-style, attending whatever is free and indiscriminately mixing MLK commemorations, Obama celebrations, and site-seeing.

But today—the Monday before the inauguration—had a strange vibe, as families who had driven from Missouri, Alabama, etc., to ring in...

Celebrating MLK while in the middle of history

It’s so interesting to listen to this last speech of MLK’s right now, while we’re in the middle of the time we’re in. It’s interesting how similar the message MLK is giving to Obama’s–and many people are making quite a show of connecting the two (ahem, mainstream media??). But what I find even more interesting is the differences. Both MLK and Obama...

United States of Wha?

For some reason I was expecting a Tracy Ulman type one-woman-show when I saw the ads for Showtime's new show: The United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette. I was excited because Collette never seems to disappoint (Little Miss Sunshine, Murial's Wedding).

Your Uterus: not as safe for babies as you thought!

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The Box's Crush of the Week: Clair Huxtable

In the history of family sitcoms, has there ever been a woman so intelligent, so poised, and so willing to deliver impassioned monologues about gender equality as Clair Huxtable?

As a kid watching The Cosby Show -- the only primetime program my parents permitted back in the '80s -- I was completely in awe of her. As an adult who's watched many, many hours of TV since (I do what...