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For Realz?: In the Middle of the First Episode of The Fashion Show

Okay, as your feminist reality TV blogger, I was so excited by this exchange on Bravo's new Project Runway ripoff The Fashion Show that I had to stop watching in the middle so I could run down and put up this post!

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We Hope Asher Roth Gets His Wish

Malori brought us all up to speed yesterday on the Asher Roth phenomenon, I thought I'd call everyone's attention to point out that his new video, for the song "Be By Myself," only digs himself a deeper hole for anyone hoping to see anything other than a spoiled frat boy in the young pop culture phenom. More after the jump.

Trippin' Out: Bristol Palin's less-than-successful campaigning

Bristol Palin went on several talk shows recently as a spokeswoman advocating against teen pregnancy, and reactions seem to be split between finding the whole thing deliciously ironic or wholly unsurprising. Although drumming attention for a critical issue in the United States (teen pregnancy rates are still extremely high–and you thought swine flu was a pandemic!), the coverage of...

Come What May: WTF, Is This Real?

I have watched this video (posted today on videogum) a few times now, and I still can’t quite figure out what’s going on:

My best guess is that a student on the mock trial team at his conservative college has to decide between winning his fake court case and pleasing his anti-choice hottie of a girlfriend. There seems to be some kind of a conflict with parents, as well....

Living Openly at PolyCamp

I feel like everywhere I turn someone else is saying something about polyamory. Perhaps the recent upset over Proposition 8 in California provided somewhat of a platform for poly communities to openly speak about the legitimation of alternative family structures—not just beyond that of one man and one woman, but beyond gay and lesbian couples as well.

Beyond Douchedom

When is a douchebag worse than a douchebag? When the douchebag’s extreme douchebaggery is aided and abetted by our justice system.

updated to add correct link

Perhaps we should just retire this feature now.  Because I can’t imagine a bigger douchebag than this guy.(Warning: written content is of an extremely violent and graphic nature)


This Land Was Made for Sharon Jones

The underground rock scene used to be something of a "boys only" club, despite the efforts and talents of a great many amazing female musicians. Even as late as the mid-nineties, the all-female Lilith Fair rock festival seemed necessary as a showcase for the women who managed to shred their way through the flannel-swaddled man-zone of grunge. But after attending Sunday night's Dark Was the...

International No-Diet Day Hits and Misses

In recognition of International No-Diet Day, I present you with a rundown of recently released diet- and weight-related books, including a bit of the good, bad and ugly. First up, Hungry Girl (it's as bad as it sounds...).

More after the jump, including the light at the end of the dieting tunnel...

A HE-cession? I'm not buying it.

The folks at ABC World News released the second segment last night in a series they’re calling “The New Gender Rules.” Apparently, men are being hit harder by the recession than women (though many sources say otherwise) because male-dominated fields like engineering and finance are where the majority of jobs are being lost. This, according to “The New Gender Rules,” is causing a wacky...

Gee's Bend Quiltmaker Collective

I first saw a selection of the Gee's Bend quilts at The Museum of African Diaspora in San Francisco. I'd never had anything against quilts before that, they just never struck me all that much. I couldn't deny that socially, they can bring women and family together in making and sharing them, but the generally rigid/symmetrical patterns, and often pastel colors and mixed floral...