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Bureau of Reclamation

Tina Fey’s return to the Weekend Update chair included a big dollop of support for Hillary Clinton along with an argument for taking back the word bitch. This could only have been better if she’d held up a copy of Bitch magazine!

In Defense of Diablo Cody

Much as I had mixed feelings about the film Juno, I just don't understand the massive public hate-on for its screenwriter, Diablo Cody. Okay, she gave herself a stupid pen name. Juno had a couple of overly precious, cringeworthy lines of dialogue. Does that really warrant parodies like these?

Simply put, this shit is sexist. Cody wrote a memoir about stripping, which led to a chance to...

Your Vagina Looks Too Much Like A Vagina

Seattle Weekly reports that the Seattle Times refused to run an ad for a performance of The Vagina Monologues Feb 24th at The Museum of History and Industry, sponsored by The National Council of Jewish Women because the artwork looked too much like, well, a vagina.  Wait, let me get this straight...the Vagina Monologues is about...vaginas"The artwork...

What I Love About Reading Bitch In Public

Because I got into a great discussion about the word "bitch" and feminism with the guy that changed my oil at Jiffy Lube the other day. He starting talking about how his mother struggled as a "single mom" in the late 50's and we collectively wondered what she would think about the reclamation of the word for personal use.  Anyone have any good stories about conversations they've had as a...

Um, May I Have That Without Cleavage Please?

Ever think to yourself, "Hey, I know what my Americano be sexier?" Latte Dolls is a new mobile coffee house that features an all-female lingerie-clad waitstaff.  Wait, it gets better!  Sizes are available in A, B, C and double D cups!  There are "theme" days like School Girl Monday and Warrant Wednesday!  Wow - how original.  But the most disturbing thing of all was a comment in...

Another excellent commentary on the feminist debate over Hillary and Obama

Yeah. What she says. (H/t to the lovely and talented Deanna Zandt for alerting me to this post.)

Skinny Bitching

Last week I was on a radio program to discuss Skinny Bitch, the vegan/animal rights manifesto wrapped in chick-lit veneer that became a bestseller after Posh Spice was photographed holding it.

Yep, thanks largely to this photo, Skinny Bitch has become one of the only books with an uncompromising animal rights message to break into mainstream culture.

And with its success...

Heads up, dog people!

Meet Sprint, an adorable (check out those eyebrows!) six-month-old pit bull mix who's looking for love — more specifically, looking for a permanent home in the San Francisco Bay Area. He turned up on Lisa's doorstep recently, and she and her friend Janet are hoping to find him a new family. Could it be your family? Read on for fun facts about this sweet little dude.

• He is...

Travel Diary: Way down south in Sewanee

I'm going to start this post by admitting that, most mornings, I wake up and immediately turn on the Today show. Partly it's a kind of alarm supplement, to ensure that I don't fall back asleep. Partly it's because I like to know if anything was attacked or blown up or wiped out or otherwise disaster-fied in the previous 8 to 10 hours. And finally, I find Matt Lauer and Al Roker oddly soothing...

News flash: boys like relationships

Cheers to a new study reporting that, contrary to age-old stereotypes about teenage boys as indiscriminate horndogs, 16-year-old boys' primary motivations for dating are that they "really like the person" (via the New York Times health blog).

It's kinda sad that both the study and the even-handed New York Times treatment is cause for celebration, but when most media discussion of gender...