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Time's 100 Most Influential List, by the Numbers

Who is this woman? And why is she on Time’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World?  Read on for the answers and for my look at the list, by the numbers.

Total women on the list: 29

Number of Leaders and Revolutionaries listed who are women: 5

Number of those who are women of color: 1

Number of those who are Black American women...

Individualism Is Not Enough

After years of a successful law career left Nigerian Temituokpe Esisi frustrated at her country’s stagnant economy, she decided to switch careers to help empower other women by starting her own tailoring and fashion design business, Tuopsy’s Enterprises, that would not only employ women, but also provide them with an education to help them better their own circumstances.

I Love (an Idealized, Hypermasculine Version of) College: An Update

A few weeks back, Kelsey blogged about Asher Roth's heteronormative, hypermasculinized, fratboy-centric conception of college. Though Kelsey deemed Roth to be singing in a serious as opposed to satirical tone, I couldn't help but suspect that despite a Wikipedia page corroborating Kelsey's assertion, Roth was cleverly fooling us all and someday he would reveal his true identity as a...

Conditions: Five

A few years ago, I found a book-length literary magazine, Conditions:Five, amongst the discarded and donated books on the shelves in a local coffeehouse.  I skimmed through it that day, just long enough to finish my cup of chai, before placing it back on the shelf.  At the time, I had no idea that I’d held such a rich piece of history in my hands.

Conditions (its...

Learning To...Say Goodbye

One of the web’s longest running participatory art projects came to an end last week. For seven years, Learning To Love You More cataloged art “assignments” ranging from photographing strangers holding hands to acting out someone else’s argument.

Sister, Sister: Lindsey Markel and You Are Among Friends



You know how sometimes you just fall into an emotion funk? Like, self-doubt and constant criticism are hiding behind every corner of your house, and only a good movie marathon or indulgent internet purchase seem to do the trick? I found myself in such a messy state over the weekend and was lucky enough to stumble across YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS (rather than spending over...

For Realz?: Jon Minus Kate

I’ve only watched a couple episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8, the TLC reality TV show hit with the family raising 8 year old twins and 5 year old sextuplets, and should say upfront that I find it a hard show to watch because matriarch Kate is so mean to her husband Jon – but is anyone else finding the tabloid coverage of Jon’s shady behavior with an 18-year-old a little...

Selena Roberts, Part One

So, Selena Roberts' Alex Rodriguez book, A-rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez, hit the shelves yesterday—earlier than its original release date, due to the jib-jab ratcheted up by the recent reportage on leaked bits of the book. I would be remiss in not mentioning A-rod, but, really…I don't want to read it. God, please don't make me read it. OK, I'm gonna hafta read it.

Bollywood Barbie

Barbie was all over the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai this year. The doll celebrated its 50th Anniversary by sponsoring the event. At first I thought it was the company's obliviousness to irony that prompted the fashion show sponsorship, but then it all came together when I read this article last week.

Exhale on Mother's Day

I became pregnant, the first time, in October 1997. Starting in my earliest days of trying to conceive, I kept a stack of pregnancy-related books on my nightstand, and I read through them religiously several times a day, every day. Given all that, I'm sure I must have skimmed over the sobering statistic--an estimated 1/3 of pregnancies end in miscarriage--at least once during my...