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Celebrating MLK while in the middle of history

It’s so interesting to listen to this last speech of MLK’s right now, while we’re in the middle of the time we’re in. It’s interesting how similar the message MLK is giving to Obama’s–and many people are making quite a show of connecting the two (ahem, mainstream media??). But what I find even more interesting is the differences. Both MLK and Obama...

United States of Wha?

For some reason I was expecting a Tracy Ulman type one-woman-show when I saw the ads for Showtime's new show: The United States of Tara, starring Toni Collette. I was excited because Collette never seems to disappoint (Little Miss Sunshine, Murial's Wedding).

Your Uterus: not as safe for babies as you thought!

from Slog:

Iheartguts website

The Box's Crush of the Week: Clair Huxtable

In the history of family sitcoms, has there ever been a woman so intelligent, so poised, and so willing to deliver impassioned monologues about gender equality as Clair Huxtable?

As a kid watching The Cosby Show -- the only primetime program my parents permitted back in the '80s -- I was completely in awe of her. As an adult who's watched many, many hours of TV since (I do what...

Like, a Virgin

The interwebs are a-buzzin' with talk of 22-year old Natalie Dylan and her plan to sell her virginity online to pay for a master's degree. The bidding on the women's studies major's "maidenhead" (and yes, Fox News called it that in all seriousness) is up to 3.7 million, and the um, transaction, is set to take place at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. It seems that people can't wait to ask...

You are fat! And other So WHATS? of the world!

The latest 'fattest cities' list just came out ( And, as usual, my heart, Detroit Michigan, is sitting right near the top of the list. Detroit alternates between being THE FATTEST and just plain old fat year after year.

My question: What the hell are we supposed to do with these lists?

Now that people...

International Museum of Women Redefines “Museum”

A new site that just came across my screen which deserves some attention and love.

Black Widow: A Superheroine Who Won't Get Screwed Over On Screen?

Superhero movies have looked an awful lot like fraternity row the past couple of years, and lots of bloggers (including this female gazer) have been vigorously calling for more celluloid superheroines.  And we're not talking about more characters like Halle Berry's Catwoman.  No way.  We want some quality super women.  But despite the generally underwhelming news on this front as of late, I'm...

Funny Lady Alert!

My crushometer started beeping like crazy this morning, and for once was not this guy. Turns out the perp was Aubrey Plaza, who's sure to appear on many additional love-radars in the upcoming months. Read on for why!

A Feminist Father as a Feminist President

President Elect Barack Obama recently opened his shirt as a superhero president and a letter-writing Dad.