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Fun, Food, Feminism

It's not often you see the truth told about food and race, but here is terrific article with many interesting links that take a look at the erroneous assumptions of Chinese food and how it relates - and what it says - about US American culture.

The Price of Fey-m

There's a lot to love about Tina Fey's sexy-geek image. For instance, "Geeks can be sexy!" is an awesome message, as is "Sexy women can be geeks!" (Okay, maybe there are only two things to love.) I think it's safe to say we get it: She's hot. She's smart. She's hot, yet smart. And vice-versa.

But Fey's sex appeal is no accident — it's the price she paid for fame. In January's...

She works hard for the money; should she think about gender?

This article on "The New Power Girls" by Patricia Handschiegel in yesterday's Huffington Post posits that today's successful businesswomen don't think about gender, and perhaps that is one reason they are successful. But can we ever really ignore gender? Should we? Read on and give us your thoughts!

Jon Stewart on Gaza

So it appears that I’m not the only one who couldn’t just let the events in Gaza pass without comment ( Mr. Jon Stewart also had an opinion and a pretty forceful one at that:

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A1 is A-Sexist

You want some sexism with your steak?  Serve me up some A1 sauce!

Bitch Benefit Show this Friday!

Hey Portland Party People,

Don't miss the Bitch Benefit Show this Friday, January 9, at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. We will be getting our socks rocked off by none other than the fabulous Kimya Dawson, Mirah, and Anomie Belle. Fun for all!

Check out this interview with Mirah and Anomie Belle for more information (if you can handle the excitement, that is).

We hope...

The politics of pop culture

As I mentioned before, I’ve been really struggling to stay on course when it comes to blogging these days. My heart is in Gaza right, now, but my fingers tell me I must be here, in front of the computer, writing essays about everything except Gaza.

I’m thankful for the opportunity that Bitch has provided me here. A chance to at least meld what is going on in my life with...

Making of the Bitch B-Hive Video!

The making of our B-Hive campaign video! Thanks to Dawn Jones!

A Little More Consideration for Women in Film in 2008

The run up to the Oscars is dominated by best-of lists, and - with few exceptions (including the Women Film Critics Circle Awards) - most of those lists end up looking just about the same: dominated by men, featuring only a small handful of female performers. Which is why it was so exciting this past weekend to see The New York Times list of the year’s best. While not quite chock full...