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Women of Color Activism: Buy the Speak! Album

via Ms. Crip Chick

I had the honor of joining radical women of color (many of who are your favorite bloggers, BrownFemiPower, Black Amazon, Little Light, Mamita Mala, Sudy, Nadia, and sooo many more) in putting together an amazing album that chronicles experiences around struggle, love, motherhood, redemption, healing and community. You can cop the CD in January, along with a zine and...

Power Pack: Beyonce Knowles


OK, first things first. I love Beyonce. There is no point in me pretending otherwise. I think she is an amazing performer and I totally heart her catchy dance jams. But there is more to Beyonce than a solid hook and a hot ass, and it's time we all took a moment to recognize.

Though her name may not make it onto a plaque in the Feminist Hall of Fame (OMG, wouldn't it be fun if...

Speaking of Fat Girls

Kate Harding over at Shapely Prose ( has a fabulous response to Oprah and her latest efforts at losing weight (

That's all that happened here. You got fatter. You're still one of the most accomplished women on the planet. You've still got more money than god. You still give away a lot of that money and do real...

Runaway Bunnies

E! wants us to know just how smart the girls of The Girls Next Door are. Their bios at E! Online even include a "Beauty & Brains" section which detail their ambitions and accomplishments (outside of posing nude).

But if we're supposed to give the Girls credit for intelligence, autonomy, or just plain-old professionalism, then what's with the show's producers constantly...

Fat girls don't do that!

So, let's get the confessionals out of the way.

I'm fat.

Normally, I could give a shit if I'm fat or skinny--I function much along the same lines as Rosie O'Donnell when she said she simply doesn't pay attention to her body enough to know if she is fat or skinny or a spaghetti noodle. I'm the same way.

But being a lover of sports, being a lover of 'movement'--I find...

Scooped: Obvious rom-com article

I was all prepared to write a blog post about this BBC article titled, "Rom-coms 'spoil your love life,'" but then I realized Amelie Gilette from the A.V. Club had already said just about everything I wanted to say about it in this post. Still, I wanted to post it here, in case anyone missed it. Check it out and give us your thoughts!

2008 Women Film Critics Circle Awards: You're Not Gonna See These Categories at the Oscars...

The Women Film Critics Circle (WFCC) have announced their list of 2008 award winners. The WFCC awards recognize films by and about women that reflect the lives of women as well as positive images of women on screen. It's a far more diverse list than anything you're likely to see from other critics this year - and it even includes a bonus hall of shame! The full list of awards after the jump...

Adventures in Feministory: The Monie's in the Middle

Climb aboard our little time-traveling contraption and set the dial to the year 1990, friends, because we are going on a little ride to the past. Of course, 1990 isn’t all that long ago—one could barely consider it history in most cases—but keep in mind that in hip-hop years, two decades is like two centuries.

Responding to, “Can You Love God AND Feminism?”

An interesting question came across the feminist blogosphere, "Can you love God and feminism?"  Touching on the most sensitive intersection of feminism - religion - here are some thoughts.

Extreme Makeover: Female Condom Edition


Yesterday, the FDA approved a new, cheaper version of the female condom, which should be available for purchase by 2009. Do we even care? Should we?