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Eliza Dushku, Ass-Kicking Producer

Eliza Dushku has been in a lot of headlines lately thanks to Joss Whedon's new Fox show Dollhouse.  But here's one headline that you may have missed last week: Dushku is producing a new big screen biopic about Robert Mapplethorpe.

After the jump: Why Eliza Dushku, producer, kicks more ass than Eliza Dushku, actress...

Show me the money, honey!

One of my tasks here at Bitch headquarters is to open the mail and keep an inventory of the books and CDs that are coming in for possible review. Today I arrived at the office, tired and doped up on DayQuil, needing a basket in which to place all of my angsty eggs and I found that basket in this week’s *Most Ridiculous Book To Be Shipped To Bitch For Possible Review In Our...

BitchTapes, The Grrrls and Guitars Edition!

It's that time again, friends!

I'll admit, I had a minor freak out over what music to post for my BitchTapes. But I was reminded of the impact that Bratmobile had had on my 15-years-old self and decided to go with an all ladies all the time mix (each band featured has at least one female member). So listen and read away!

The Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame: Submit your profiles now!

The Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame:Rules for submitting your very own celebrity/public figure to the record for a chance to read on the next BitchRadio Podcast!Goal To induct celebrities and public figures in the Bitch Living Fossil Hall of Fame. A celebrity is placed in a category in relation to their evolutionary progress or arrested development. The person nominated need not be...

The Rachel Papers: What a hot, smart, lesbian pundit means for an uneasy America

Get your own - Open publication

Now you can quit camping out for the USPS to deliver your copy of “Buzz” and start reading Jonanna Widner's piece on Rachel Maddow, exploring the the pundit's prime time rise and unprecedented fan club around the country, and offering a social critique to the madness around Maddow! Click on the article for interactive reading!

Happy Friday!

Just for the hell of it…



This is not a new video, but it is just as glorious as ever. Have a good weekend!

Hall That She Wants

The Girls of Hedsor Hall isn't that different from other behavioral competitions in reality TV land. It features good-looking people with impulse control issues trying to behave, but mostly acting crazy. And yes, they are competing for a cash prize. We've seen it before: 12 so-called bad girls enter, one reformed good girl leaves (with $100,000). The difference lies in the setting.The...

Douchebag Decree: The Douches Galore Edition

At this point it is clear that Chris Brown is a douchebag so there is no reason for me to go off about his status as such. However, in the aftermath of his heinous behavior, he is still somehow garnering support from dedicated fans who have littered the internets with their support for him and their disdain for Rihanna.

Dictaphone Diaries : an interview with the director of Must Read After My Death

Morgan Dews’ Must Read After My Death is a startling, deeply intimate look into the domestic life of the filmmaker’s grandmother, Allis. Made up entirely of home movies and recordings that Allis documented (privately, in therapy sessions, or trans-Atlantic with her husband Charley), the film is at times heartwarming, but more so horrifying, as Allis struggles against the stifling...

Yayoi Kusama

Aw, snap - it's the second installment of smart! This has been quite an exciting, yet challenging task for me in compiling and summarizing the 65+ year career of an artist I have very much admired since my nascent, not-quite-sure-if-this-thing-I-drew-is-a-dog-or-a-rock-with-a-tail-creative days.

Read on, MacDuff, for there is much to say about Yayoi Kusama, The Polka Dot...