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Grassroots media: Evolving beyond survival

Please spread the word about the Allied Media Conference!

Since 1999, the AMC has been bringing together grassroots media producers and organizers, educators, students, and artists to build an independent, participatory media movement.


It’s the only conference I consistently attend, and I always leave inspired, encouraged, and re-energized to continue the...

From “The Crap In Products You Didn't Know About” File

The fact that unregulated bioaccumulators like lead and mercury are added to cosmetics is hardly a new story to Bitch Readers.  Here's another one.  Unilever was using an oil called "squalene" in many of its Ponds and Dove products. Squalene can either be made from rice and wheat or from dead sea shark livers.  Guess what?  Unilever apparently preferred the shark squeezins...

Download Party!!!

My Valentine's Day present to you!

DeVotchka's "Mad And Faithful Telling" won't be out until March 18th, but download the single "Transliterator" from Stereogum for a taste.  This is the poppiest song on the entire album;  "Mad And Faithful Telling" (which sorta sounds like a subtitle to a modern Canterbury Tales, dontcha think?) marries...

What I'm reading right now

Susan Faludi's The Terror Dream: Fear and Fantasy in Post-9/11 America. I'm only on page 97, but so far am (unsurprisingly, given her track record) blown away by her brilliance.

Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto. A voice of sanity among the nutritional madness of processed food and competing, confusing, and flat-out ridiculous health claims.



Feminists who are also vegan aren't having the best time of it lately. In Our Fair City of Portland, the nation's first vegan strip club has opened. Casa Diablo features a faux-meat-rich Mexican menu and a slate of mostly vegetarian and vegan dancers who are prohibited from wearing leather, silk, or wool (now that sounds itchy). Notes longtime "ethical vegan" and the club's owner, Johnny...

Alternative Media Expo in New Orleans

We are happy to be sending some magazines and love down to the Antigravity Alternative Media Expo in New Orleans next Saturday, February 23rd.

Here is the scoop in their own words,

"The first 150 paid attendees will receive a FREE swag bag from the New Orleans Craft Mafia! What is the Expo? It's an event that's much like a trade show and set up like a comic convention--exhibitors...

Dog Show!

The New York Times continues to kill with its abundance of dog coverage. The weekend brought a look at the four new breeds making their debut at the mighty Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show; today, there's a piece in the Sports section on the various dynasties of Westminster-winning dogs. (Warning: If you don't want to hear anything about chilled canine semen, stay away.)

I happen to...

Karaoke for shy people

Sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with my reading pile, especially now that I've inherited a coffee table so enormous it almost begs for piles and piles of magazines, books, and zines to be stacked atop it.

But I set aside some time this weekend to catch up. A few things I enjoyed. Maybe you would, too:

1. A review of Swimming in a Sea of Death, David Rieff's memoir/...

Read it and weep: Atlantic Monthly advises women to just settle, already — you're not getting any younger, right?

It's enirely too late on a Friday afternoon to get all riled up about this article, but shit, it really went there. In a nutshell: Lori Gottlieb believes that women should settle for men they don't really want to marry, because being married is better than not being married. The Atlantic Monthly, meanwhile, believes that this kind of crap is something that people actually want to read. Both of...

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