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Whedon Fighters

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse premiered last week, and The Box breathed a sigh of relief. I've been waiting so long to see Eliza Dushku kick ass and smart off in the style of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of ass-kicking in the first episode. Or smarting off, for that matter. Maybe that's because Dushku's character, Echo, is without a personality for...

Wearing Your Feminism On Your Sleeve

It's like Christmas morning in the Bitch Magazine office!

Today we received an amazing Audre Lorde shirt and press kit from the indie clothing line KM Stitchery (all contained in a box hand-collaged with pictures of feminists).

Read on for more info!


SXSW: It's Party Time, Austin!

Calling all feminist music fans! We here at Bitch are super-psyched to be sponsoring a party at this year’s SXSW with our awesome friends at Kill Rock Stars. The details:

Wednesday, March 18 @ Club Deville (900 Red River) 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.

The Thermals! Marnie Stern! Thao! Bitch merch! And oh so much more!

Read on for more about the awesome KRS bands playing...

Breast Feeding: Making Grown Ups Vomit

Any regular follower of mine knows that I am the world’s biggest fan girl for Salma Hayek. She is beautiful, she’s a self-described feminist, she fights to make a place for women of color in general and Latinas specifically in the world of entertainment, AND she’s an advocate of breast feeding!

So what’s the problem here? Apparently, 1) it’s eeew, grooooss...

Social Awareness A Go-Go

Since its inception in 1995, War Child benefits children in war torn areas of the world by working with local organizations to teach skills and spread knowledge to as many people as possible in the hopes to change trends in their countries. In a “teach them to fish” fashion, War Child works in places like Uganda, Iraq and Afghanistan to bring social justice, education and basic necessities to...

Women Earn Top Filmmaking Honors at NAACP Image Awards

Big news from the NAACP Image Awards at the end of last week: women took top honors in the film directing and writing categories.  Gina Prince-Bythewood won the prize for Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture for The Secret Life of Bees, while Jenny Lumet took home honors for Outstanding Writing in a Motion Picture for Rachel Getting Married.  Best Picture honors also went to The Secret...

Adventures in Feministory: Mrs. President

I think this year is the first time President’s Day has felt worth celebrating! Considering the historic nature of our country’s first African-American President, here are just a few other ground-breaking American political campaigns.

The OTHER Teen Vampire Romance Movie

Several months ago, I remember hearing a movie reviewer say, "If you seen one teen vampire romance film this year, let it be Let The Right One In." I figured that since the Bitch site has been entranced by Twilight for what feels like months now, it would be appropriate to give this film its proper dues.

So, in honor of Valentine's Day and Kelsey's blog post on my favorite...

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow...

Happy Valentine's Day! Okay, we all know that Valentine's Day is a vapid, capitalist, heteronormative holiday. The red and pink, the candy, the cards, the weird pressure to be in a relationship, it's all kind of annoying. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun, does it? Read on for some non-traditional Valentines, and to share your own thoughts on Cupid's (or Hallmark's?) holiday....

My eyes!

And you thought the Gandalf-on-Frodo slash fiction that circulates every time there's a new LOTR installment was unsettling? You have no idea. Or actually, maybe you do. I didn't, though, until longtime Bitch contributor Noah Berlatsky asked me if he could write about the Obama slash that's apparently been sweeping the nerdier corners of these Internets for some time.

Tell me more, I...