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The Box's Crushes of the Week: Saturday Night New Girls

Maybe I over-post about Saturday Night Live, but I just can't help myself. This season is one of the best ever! Plus, I'm thrilled with the screen time that female cast members are getting. The newest lady cast members, Michaela Watkins and Abby Elliott, are especially crushable. They were presumably brought on at the end of last year to fill the feminine gap left by Amy Poehler's...

BitchTapes, 2nd. Edition is out!

BitchTapes is back and just as bad-ass. Read on to start your weekend off right!

Say It Loud

Jennifer Pozner, founder of Women In Media and News (WIMN), is set to speak at Portland State University this Tuesday February 24. Pozner will present her lecture “Project Brainwash: Why Reality TV Is Bad For Women”. Bitch Co-Founder and Editor Andi Zeisler will introduce Pozner and Bitch is sponsoring the lecture. If attend you should stop at our table and say hello!

Pozner is an...

Pride and Prejudice Finally Gets the Time Travel, Zombie Apocalypse and Sci-Fi Movie Adaptations It So Richly Deserves

The past two weeks have been chock full of news about upcoming genre-bending film adaptations of the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice.  Elizabeth Bennet slaying zombies!  Mr. Darcy doing combat with Predator!  Highbrow time travel!  Yes!

More details after the jump...


Friday Health Question: Going Vegan or Going Crazy?

A call for opinion and sharing from those who live vegan lifestyles.

Update to Problematic Cartoon: NY Post Apologizes...Sort Of

An apology is delivered after emotion and protests swirl around the New York Post for a controversial cartoon.

Most amazing designer in a pinafore. Ever.

Say hello to the smart blog—again. Yep, we're bringin' the arts back to the Bitch blog roll. First installment—Ray Eames: Godmother of modern design.

Sound Bits

  • Ann at Feministing highlights the recent NY Times profile on Neko Case (badass teenager pics included) and her political side. You can also check out a song off her new album, “People Got a Lot of Nerve” on her label’s website.
  • M.I.A’s post-grammy-Valentine’s-day baby announcement…via MySpace!
  • Pitchfork TV has some awesome video of a 21-...

"Humor": The Ultimate Cop Out

By now, I've imagine that most folks have seen the controversial Sean Delonas cartoon from yesterday's New York Post. For those of you new to this story, the New York Post claims that comic is supposed to be a play on both the current economic situation and a reference to a woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee recently.

Read on for the cartoon and more discussion.


Fists Up: LA Boxing Pres Challenges Chris Brown to a Duel

Anthony Geisler, President of LA Boxing, is dealing with Chris Brown's arrest on criminal threat charges in true eye-for-an-eye fashion. Geisler started a Facebook group earlier this week called, I Want to Fight Chris Brown. (At the time of this post the group had 1,528 members and counting.) He also sent a letter to Brown's manager challenging Brown to step into the ring with him and "see...