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Fox News: Fair, Balanced, and Unintentionally Kinky

Sure, Fox News gets called out as being right-wing and conservative, but what other news network would mention fisting?

My Bloody Valentine 3D: Crappy Treatment of Women Flies Right off the Screen

As a big horror fan, I've been excited to see what My Bloody Valentine 3D would do for the genre, which trades primarily on thrills and spectacle.  But even if I wasn't into horror, the film would be worth taking note of because it's one of the first contemporary films shot in 3D that is not a family picture (and not animated, at that).  The film's success will no doubt be a benchmark for...

That's My President!

First no mo Gitmo, and now Obama has reversed the Global Gag Rule!

The “Mexico City Policy” was instituted by Reagan, reversed under Clinton, and re-instated by George W. Hopefully Obama’s decision won’t be just another flip of the coin, especially since this policy has sweeping consequences for health care around the world.

While it’s easy to see it as a pro-...

The Box's Crush of the Week: Jaime Pressly

Extensions off to Jaime Pressly, one of the funniest women on TV. Her Emmy award-winning portrayal of Joy Turner on My Name Is Earl is so solid that it's easy to forget she's a bonafide sexpot (with credits like Playboy spreads, countless "sexiest women" list mentions, and the lead in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction on her resume). Of course, Pressly's hotness isn't anything out of the ordinary...

Friday's Political Rant

Caroline Kennedy scoots her chair away from senate seat.

Star Trek Barbies: Fanboys Freak Out about Girlie Space Toys













There are a gadzillion reasons why I'm not a fan of Barbie dolls, and they all apply to the new Lt. Uhura doll, part of Mattel's upcoming Barbie Doll line being released in conjunction with J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek film.  But there's also a hilariously awesome reason to love...

The Curious Case of the 81st Annual Academy Awards

It's hard not to feel ambivalent about the Oscars. The nominations and winners are decided by a set of disparate criteria (artistic achievement, industry clout, reputation, studio alignment, marketing dollars) and a voting body that is largely irrelevant to most moviegoers. Still, getting nominated - and winning! - contributes handily to the artistic credibility and financial success of...

A matter of life and death?

The debate surrounding abortion often comes down to whether or not people think it should be legal. But what happens when we continue the discussion beyond that point? Check out this video documenting abortion protesters responding to this question:

If abortion was illegal, what should be done with the women who have illegal abortions?

Give us your thoughts after the jump!

Mikhaela B. Reid is a Must Be Read

Now this kind of attack, I like.

Meh's Anatomy

I've been avoiding Grey's Anatomy for 5 seasons now, but with critics bemoaning the show's rapid demise (as in sex scenes with a g-g-ghost!) I decided to check it out while I still could. Best case scenario: It's so bad it's good. Worse case scenario: It's offensive enough to warrant a scathing blog post.

But, to my surprise, neither was true...