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The Week in Trailers: One Stripper Drama, A Rom-Com, A Bunch of Terminators, and One Mammoth

The Female Gaze takes a peek at trailers for The Proposal, Powder Blue, Terminator: Salvation and Mammoth... after the jump!

The Box's Crush of the Week: Marcia Cross

This week the box crushes on one of TV's most entertaining actresses. Marcia Cross has been a guest-spot staple since she made her first television appearance in 1985, but she's best known for playing very different roles on Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place.

So which is more fun: an obsessively traditional housewife or a baby-napping husband hater?


O: No you didn't!

If you are reading this you clearly have access to the internet, and therefore you have most likely read something about Oprah Winfrey's weight gain confession. The jist is this: Oprah weighed 160 pounds two years ago, and now she weighs 200. She "confessed" to the weight gain for the January issue of O Magazine, and now the interwebs are buzzing. The real issue here though is not the...

Urban Outfitters Pulls Support Tee

Urban outfitters recently yanked a t-shirt from their shelves, citing "bad press" as the reason. Was it one of their infamous "Voting Is For Old People" shirts? Or possibly the one with money signs encircling the phrase "Everyone Loves A Jewish Girl?" Or maybe one of the many shirt images that have been stolen from independent companies and designers?

Insulting the Intellect, Agnes Scott College Opens Its Doors to Road Trip II: Beer Pong

In a recent post at The Bilerico Project, senior Louisa Hill, writes about the events that unfolded on her campus, Anges Scott College, when it became the background for the upcoming film Road Trip II: Beer Pong.

Sex Positive and Hyper Sexualization in Sports: Is there a way to negotiate?

One of the biggest issues for women athletes these days is the extreme hyper-sexualization many sports require women to participate in while competing at a highly advanced level. For example, car racer Danica Patrick has been very straightforward (and quite successful) about embracing her more 'feminine' side while letting her racing skills speak for themselves.

But even as many women...

The Genius Behind American Pie Might Be Directing the Twilight Sequel

More (rumored) news on the Twilight sequel now that Catherine Hardwicke is no longer the director.  Nikki Finke's got an inside line that Summit has offered Chris Weitz the chance to direct New Moon - and potentially Eclipse, if both films could be made back-to-back.  Weitz is the writer and director of About a Boy, producer and uncredited director of American Pie, and the director for The...

Bad Boys Too

There's been a lot of talk lately about fictional teen romances setting a bad example for young-lady viewers. Whether the portrayal of a relationship can be deemed "good" for girls seems to rest on the morality of the boy involved.

But is falling for a bad boy really anti-feminist?

Style my Bitch up: The merch poll you've been waiting for!

Does the Bitch website look a little bit extra stylish to you? If so, it's probably due to the oh-so-super tote bags we have for sale! (Get yours now by clicking here.) The tote bags have been so popular, we don't want to stop there. Take a quick poll after the jump and let us know what other Bitch merch you'd like to see! 'Tis the season, after all.

Adventures in Feministory: Balls Out Edition

Let's saddle up the wayback machine, kids, and travel to the year 1866. It was this very year, when baseball was deemed too difficult and violent a sport for ladies to play, when the Vassar Resolutes hiked up their giant, heavy skirts to run the base paths anyway. I found this photo of the Resolutes (and, OMG—can you believe they were called the Resolutes?) in an advance copy of...