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BitchReads: 13 Nonfiction Books Feminists Should Read this September

There is so much to read in so little time, which is one of the myriad reasons I love curating the BitchReads list on a (semi)-regular basis.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: This Gyno Procedure Could Make It Impossible to Orgasm

Thousands of people undergo the routine procedure every year.

“Girls and Their Cats” and The Future of Cat Ladies

“I definitely think that the qualities people don’t like in cats are the same qualities that men especially don’t particularly like in women: that we’re independent, that we don’t need them.”

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: White House Wants to Monitor Mentally-Ill People to Curb Gun Violence

Mental illness is a weak link to gun violence. Trump doesn’t care.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Apple Programmed Siri to Deflect Questions about Feminism

She’s more of a humanist, really.

Backtalk: Back to School

This week, Dahlia and Amy get into the back-to-school season.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: The Rise of Anti-Trans Radical Feminism

“Known as TERFs, trans-exclusionary radical feminist groups are working with conservatives to push their anti-trans agenda.”

A Quick History of TV’s Elusive Quest for Complex Black Lesbians

Characters are being given more complexity onscreen, as they are offered the chance to explore their queerness in ways typically reserved for white queer women.

Intergenerational Trauma: #JewsAgainstICE Are Saying “Never Again” in the Face of Crisis

As a Jew committed to creating a different world, I know that it is our duty to prevent future generations from carrying state-inflicted trauma.

Very Online: Why Does the Internet Keep Trying to Sell Us Bullshit Vaginal Healthcare?

At the very least, social media platforms can make it more difficult for harmful healthcare products to gain massive followings.