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On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: US Soccer Doesn’t Want to Give the Women’s Team Equal Pay

Embroiled in a lawsuit over equal pay, US Soccer argued in a court filing that women athletes are less skilled and work less demanding jobs than their male counterparts.

Elizabeth Warren Couldn’t Escape the Double Bind of Misogyny

Women may still be running, but they won’t get far if we don’t acknowledge the role of sexism in their losses.

The Inescapability of Social Media’s Sexual Violence Discourse

How can I navigate a media cycle that can cause flashbacks, panic attacks, and anxiety if I’m receiving push notifications about rape with no trigger warnings?

Concealed Pain: Why Are There so Many Lesbians Cops Onscreen?

Queer representation shouldn’t overlook, ignore, or become complicit in the painful history between queer people and cops.

Dusted or Busted: In “The Man,” Taylor Swift Seeks to Critique Sexism, but Twists Drag to Do So

While Swift is trying to call out a double-standard, she may be enabling a double-standard for the queer community.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: 6 More States are Voting on “Big Tuesday”

If Bernie Sanders wins Michigan, it could reshape the Democratic race yet again.

Sustainable Influencers and the Problem with Trendy Environmentalism

Not everyone can afford to go vegan or spend hundreds of dollars on ethically made clothes—and they shouldn’t have to.

Amanda Leduc and Fantasy Authors Challenge the Trope of “Broken” Disabled People

Fairy tales and their contemporary counterparts—superhero tales, science fiction, fantasy—shape our collective ideas about what it means to be powerful and beautiful. 

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: The Supreme Court Just Heard Its First Major Abortion Case with Trump’s Appointees

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the first major case on abortion rights since President Donald Trump appointed two justices to the court.