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5 Fat-Positive Podcasts Feminists Should to Listen To

I am particularly fond of personality-driven podcasts hosted by fat people that center around our myriad experiences.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Aziz Ansari Points Fingers at Everyone except Himself

“Ansari could have used the platform of a Netflix special to publicly apologize, but instead he lets himself off the hook without extending the same courtesy to the rest of his audience.”

Backtalk: Recasting a Disney Princess

This week, Dahlia and Amy talk about the live-action casting for Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Halle Bailey was announced as Ariel in the upcoming film and many racists cried it would be inaccurate to have Black mermaid in this classic story. Why is it so important for viewers to see a young Black woman be cast as a Disney princess?

Queerbait and Switch: “She’s Gotta Have It” Fails LGBTQ Viewers—Again

We were baited with a girl-on-girl softcore scene only for female-centric romance to be altogether abandoned just a couple of episodes later.

Beyond Expectations: Lil Nas X Forges a Freer, More Fluid Hip Hop

Lil Nas X is as interested in complicating genre as he is in complicating expectations of men in the music industry.

Bad Revenue: When Creators Harass Queer People, YouTube Profits

While YouTube proudly displayed a rainbow logo as a symbolic performance of allyship, they doubled down on their decision to let homophobic harassment remain on the platform.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: “Pose” Brings Attention to Violence against Trans Women of Color

“From the very beginning, we wanted our show to drive conversations about two epidemics: HIV/AIDS and also violence against trans women.”

Value Judgments: A Focus on “Good” Perpetrators is Bad for Victims

We need a reckoning in the courts—and beyond.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: “Friends” Is Leaving Netflix, but Now You Can Watch Literally Anything Else

“Sure, Friends is fine, but have you ever tried watching another show?”

Fear of a Feminist Lens: How Emily Nussbaum Pioneered TV Criticism

Nussbaum provides a roadmap for how to talk about television with an openness that sheds the hand-wringing that has plagued television criticism since its conception.