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No Scales, No Bones: Demanding Better Representation of Eating Disorders

It is imperative that we continue publishing literature and producing visual media that raises awareness about eating disorders, but it’s long past time for us to get it right.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Workplace Discrimination Is Only Illegal on Paper

Data shows that discrimination in the workplace is far from over.

18 Dominicanx Women to Know, Read, and Listen To

Celebrating the dedicated and passionate Dominicanx making waves in their fields.

Less Fear, More Queer: What's missing from a new book on sex, shame, and Christianity

Shameless gives queer people little space to talk about their own visions of healthy, spiritual sexuality.

Unfit for the Altar: Black Women Make Their Own Marital Rules

We are often the providers, protectors, and bosses. This, we are told, is why Black women are half as likely to marry as our white counterparts.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Ellen Page's Response to the Jussie Smollett Fallout

“It’s critical that we not lose sight of the real threats underrepresented communities face every day.”

How “The Sopranos” Changed Therapy On TV

The Sopranos’ willingness to suggest the necessity of therapy in men’s lives reverberated in popular culture.

Prodigal Daughter: Samantha Allen Shines a New Light on Queer Communities in Red States

Queer people are here—or there, as the case may be—and aren’t going away.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: The Way We Talk about “Roma’s” Yalitza Aparicio

Aparicio is the first indigenous Mexican woman to be nominated for an Oscar in a major category.

When Faking It Is a Form of Self-Protection

For every op-ed lamenting the “death of the chase,” there’s a literary work that considers the nuanced realities of female sexual experience.