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BitchReads: 12 Books That Shaped Us as Feminists

For Women’s History Month, Bitch staffers share the titles that have influenced our feminist thinking, including work by Angela Davis, Audre Lorde, Julia Serano, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Octavia Butler, and more.

In “Body Work,” Melissa Febos Delivers a Meta-Memoir

Melissa Febos’s latest, “Body Work,” is a bold and exhilarating mix of memoir and master class.

TikTok’s “Hoochie God” Is Not Afraid to Say What Needs to Be Said

Nia Jones, who is better known as Hoochie God, is using her platform to offer a safe space to Black women both online and in real life.

Very Online: How Gullibility Became Our New Normal

Distrust in the authority of traditional sources has led to the credulous embrace of online bunk.

“The Invisible Kingdom” Shines a Light on Women’s Chronic Pain

Bitch interviewed Meghan O’Rourke, author of The Invisible Kingdom, about the gender bias in medicine and the plight of the “invisible” illness.

Jesus Stalks: When Kanye Publicly Abuses Kim Kardashian, Tabloids Profit

Kanye West’s pattern of public harassment is a textbook articulation of the intimate partner violence that commonly occurs after the end of the relationship.

Another Appalachia: Neema Avashia Confronts Growing Up Indian and Queer in West Virginia

We talked to “Another Appalachia” author Neema Avashia about anti-queer and anti-trans legislation, coping with loss, and how people are more than the politics of their communities.

The Paralympic Paradigm: How the “Inspiring” Narrative Restricts and Fetishizes Disabled Athletes

Negative attitudes toward disability start with how athletes are framed in news coverage.

Performative Social Media Activism Doesn't Help Ukraine

I’m unfollowing anyone who’s posted statements like, “I express solidarity with my Ukrainian brothers by switching from Moscow Mules to Mezcal Mules.”