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Admitted But Not Accepted: Kendra James Shares the Undertold Story of BIPOC Students at Elite Boarding Schools

In “Admissions,” Kendra James opens up about her difficult time at the elite Taft School.

6 Feminist Albums That Got Us Through January

This month, we’re looking at releases by both new and veteran artists including FKA twigs, Halsey, and Linying.

Fantasy vs. Reality: What “Encanto” Gets Right—and Wrong—About Colombia

While Disney’s “Encanto” represents parts of Colombia’s diasporic cultural experience, its mirage of multicultural equity downplays the reality of marginalized communities in Latin America.

Andre Leon Talley's Legacy Goes Beyond Fashion

While his eyes were always “starved for beauty,” he cultivated a world where fat, Black, queer people like me could feel not only beautiful, but important. 

In Vogue: Ricky Tucker's Essential Read on Ballroom Culture

Ricky Tucker’s “And the Category Is…” offers a careful and thoughtful examination of ballroom culture.

Confused and Lacking: “The Lost Daughter” Erases the Depth of Elena Ferrante's Book

By omitting the rich interiority of the main character, the film adaptation renders flat the book’s complex discussion of motherhood and class.

Loud and Clear: There Is No Punk Without Black Women

The origins of rock ’n’ roll are whitewashed. Too often, white men are credited as the creators and innovators, overshadowing Black artists who birthed the genre and shaped its progression. 

Paradise Lost: What Hedonistic Tourism Costs the Global South

Tourist destinations in the Global South have been historically constructed as “paradise” or as places of “idyllic wilderness,” where tourists are free to explore their more hedonistic side. 

No Men Allowed: Can the Dream of a Women’s Utopia Return?

For the women joining lesbian intentional communities, autonomy could only come to fruition through the creation of a unique and separate female existence and culture.” In this, they were initially successful. However, as time passed and the feminist movement progressed, interest in separatist lands decreased. Currently, there are less than 100 of these communities left in the United States....

Joan Didion Taught Us How To Embrace Complication

The lens we use in storytelling impacts the reality of readers, and Didion was committed to getting it right.