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A Pleasure to Burn: One Family’s Hot-Sauce Heirloom

In my family, harming yourself is unholy, unless that harm is eyes watering from tasting hot sauce.

Writing Toward Truth: Bassey Ikpi’s New Book Reckons with the Lies Mental Illness Weaves

“…the lie that sustained itself for so long becomes true in its own way. It becomes a part of the story.”

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Donald Trump’s War on the Poor Continues

“The White House is reviewing a new rule that will allow states to expand the number of people who have to pass drug tests to get unemployment benefits.”

Marianne Williamson Isn’t a Meme—She’s a Danger to Disabled People

Maybe this time around, when disabled people raise the alarm, everyone should listen.

Glitter Tears: On “Euphoria,” Fashion Is (Sometimes Painfully) Symbolic

Many have taken note of the glittery, bold makeup of Euphoria.

Be the Monster: Sady Doyle Draws a Macabre Road Map of Female Monstrosity

Throughout history, patriarchal social norms have dictated an acceptable set of standards—mental, physical, relational, sexual—that non-cisgender men must conform to.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: How TikTok Fuels the Hate Speech Epidemic in India

“Videos found on TikTok include casteist-hate speech posted by users identifying themselves from high castes.”

BitchTapes: Southern Gothic Glamour

Throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder, turn your face to the moon, and check out Nichole Perkins’s playlist—the perfect Southern gothic soundtrack.

Nude Awakening: Can the Nudist Movement Get Its Groove Back?

There’s a lot more to the nudist/naturist lifestyle than can be summed up with cute cracks about tan lines and adipose folds.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Trump Inspired a Massacre. Then He Used the Youngest Survivor as a Photo Op.

“Of eight survivors in the hospital, five outright refused to meet with the president.”