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Love, Factually: “Always Be My Maybe” Updates the Rom-Com Formula with Cultural Specificity and Heart

The best rom-coms make their predictability feel not like a weakness, but like a giddily essential pleasure.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Black Women Deserve Space in the Cannabis Industry

Black women aren’t benefiting from the developing cannabis industry in the way their white, male peers are.

BitchWatch: 10 TV Shows Feminists Should Watch this Summer

While the movie industry’s health remains in question, we can thankfully take refuge in television.

Young and Free: “The Bold Type” is the Perfect Summer Show

Each episode addresses and closes up issues in delightful and fantastical ways that keep rom-com enthusiasts tuning in each week.

Consumer Retorts: Are Anti-Hauls the Antidote to YouTube’s Cult of Consumerism?

Swapping “whatever you are will never be enough” for “whatever you have will never be enough” is a lateral move at best.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: Conservatives Rally behind Racist Parkland Grad

His Harvard admission was revoked after his racist comments surfaced. Conservatives rallied behind him.

Cultivating Joy: Dani McClain Faces Down the Fear of Maternal Mortality

When you become responsible for guiding a young person through this world, there are a lot of reasons to have some anxiety. 

Red-Letter Day: A New Documentary Looks at How One Case Redefined Rape Culture

Jane Doe’s rape went viral at a moment when American society was on the cusp of a major reckoning with social media.

“Always Be My Maybe” Lets Its Asian Characters Simply Exist

Always Be My Maybe features characters that are only incidentally Asian.

On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup: NYC Is First U.S. City to Fund Abortions Directly

“The funds will go towards the New York Abortion Access Fund, which helps cover the costs of abortion for low-income people.”