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The Body Electric: Hello There!

Welcome to my blog, The Body Electric, an exploration of the body in space and time.

 So, who am I? I am a questioner, a satellite, a longtime resident of The Space Between—the territory that stretches across and beyond gender boundaries. I initially started my personal blog, "This Fragile Fortress" as a way to chronicle my experiences on the edge of gender, and to create a space for...

On the Map: Sally Potter is All the Rage

Sometimes after watching a movie trailer I have an immense desire to experience the film despite my having no real understanding of what it is about. The crispness of the three-minute preview of UK filmmaker Sally Potter’s Rage has caused a pleasing chemical reaction in my brain, and after reading more about Potter’s work, I am convinced a full viewing will be all the more...

Subscribe Win: our Bitch 500 winner

Congratulations to Michelle Bacon, who was just one of the 511 new or renewed subscribers in our Bitch 500 campaign! Picked at random, Michelle received a Bitch tote full of goodies including Snarky Cards, a Flapper Girl coffee cozy, fiction by Alexandra Leggat and more! Thank you Michelle and everyone else who subscribes to Bitch!

Do you want to be a winner too? There’s still...

Adventures in Feministory: Sophie Germain, Math

Long before Lawrence Summers’s unfortunate remarks at Harvard University a few years ago, there have always been powerful forces which assigned all manner of illogic to women’s “inability” to excel at math and science. Their brains were too feeble to handle such difficult concepts, they claimed. And besides! Math and science were “right brain” and therefore “masculine”...

Bed, Bitch & Beyond: Revenge is Ours

We have an endless fascination with tales of women and revenge, from cheating husbands forced to grovel in public to a little well-executed arson in an evil ex's home. But while schadenfreude makes for fun reading, does the media's rush to cover stories of public payback help perpetuate stereotypes of women as victims and men as wrongdoers? Or is revenge just really that sweet?

Tube Tied: Funny Is As Funny Does: SNL and Funny Women

The television newswire was abuzz last week with the hiring of two new SNL funnywomen, Jenny Slate and Nasim  Pedrad, but as it turns out, they're not there to up the vagina quotient on a show that has always been Mostly About The Men.  No, Slate and Pedrad are replacements for last year's new ovary-hires, Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson.  And I suppose I should be saying something now...

She Pop: In Defense of the Spectacle: She Pop Begins

Pop is big, loud, silly, and commercial. Which is exactly why it deserves your attention.

On the Map: Fashion and Fundraising with The Uniform Project

In Mumbai and Delhi, several fashion designers are making their radical politics known on the runway, and in fashion capital New York City, one Indian woman is drawing attention to the need for quality education for children living in the slums of her homeland with one little black dress.

Women, Film, and Food

Having spent the weekend filling my freezer with late summer goodness from my local farmer’s market and finding out about Lisa Jervis’s new book Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating, the Grrrl on Film has nourishment on her mind.

And I’m not the only one, the recent release of Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia has placed Julia Child’...

Rave On: Filmmaker Therese Shechter on Woman: An Intimate Geography

“Rave On” is the Page Turner series that asks feminist writers, artists, musicians, activists, leaders, and scholars to talk about a book that completely rocked their world. Today we feature filmmaker Therese Shechter, creator of the documentary I Was a Teenage Feminist, on Woman: An Intimate Geography, by Natalie Angier.

My feminist inspiration came from an unlikely place: the world of...