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Raising Trouble: Pink and Blue Brains?

When you have a small child, many conversations begin like this: Another parent – often the expensively-educated New York Times-reading mother of at least one boy –will say, with the air of someone who is imparting a profoundly original thought, “You know, I always thought gender was socially constructed, but gosh, it’s just amazing how different boys and girls really are.” Her...

Children by the Million - a BitchTapes Big Star tribute

Alex Chilton, vocalist and founder of Big Star, died last week.

Big Star hardly sold any records during it’s brief 3 album stint, but is now recognized as one of the most influential and certainly under appreciated bands of the 1970s. Big Star was crucial in the emergence of alternative and indie rock in the 80’s and 90’s, and a key influence of pioneering bands like the...

B-Sides: Oh Dessa!

Can’tstoplisteningtoDessa! The only woman in the highly acclaimed underground hip hop collective, Doomtree, Dessa brings a literary beauty to hypnotic rhythms that left me (re)examining the super old and super problematic feminist consensus that hip hop, even what comes from woman artists, is too caught up with rampant sexism to see outside that bubble. Conscious hip hop, thy name is...

Douchebag Decree: Special Healthcare Reform Edition

While I never thought I’d be declaring someone who doesn’t like Bart Stupak anything but a friend, Randy Neugebauer’s “baby killer” accusation this Monday on the House floor to Stupak earns him a raging douchebag award, which he gets to share with Senators Stupak and Nelson, and the Tea Party brigade.

On the Map: Traveling Soon? Don't Forget to Pack Your Stereotype Repellent!

If this is how people in other countries see American women, how does it effect the way we are treated while abroad?

Open Thread: Slangin' Out

We’ve got a discussion in the works on our Facebook page about the phrase “how’s it hanging?” that I thought I’d bring to the blog as well. What’s the deal with how’s it hanging? (Asked in my best Jerry Seinfeld voice, of course.) Is it sexist? Does it refer to a dangling penis, or is it just a way to say hey? And what other slang terms are we using that are...

Don't back down from backing up your birth control

Tell the FDA to Act on Emergency Contraception from Center for Reproductive Rights on Vimeo.

With the Ides of March (3/15), Pi Day (3/14), and Dodge the Drunk Douchebag Day (3/17), in March, you might forget that today’s Back Up Your Birth Control Day, started to raise awareness about emergency contraception and the politics behind it. This year the Center for Reproductive...

Reproductive Writes: Love Your Vagina Dot Com

In my last post I discussed with Elizabeth Kissling the anti-advertising campaign produced by Kotex to promote their neon-bright range of tampons and pads. There has been a delay on these commercials airing due on the use of the word 'vagina' - with some networks asking that it be replaced with the term 'down there.' Meanwhile in the UK the makers of the Mooncup have sent out posters to be...

Mad World: The Axe Effect

Well, our Mad World discussion blog is in its third week now, and we just couldn’t hold off any longer: It’s time to talk about Axe.

On the Map: The Kitchen Sisters Shift from Food to Feminism

Kitchen Sisters Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva debut The Hidden World of Girls on NPR with an interesting tale about Jamaican women obtaining beauty from an unlikely source.